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The Worst Skincare Fads We’re Guilty About

Beauty trends are everywhere, and they constantly change. For many years, people, particularly women, have been so fascinated with beauty products that all promise one thing: to bring the change you’re looking for. Even the Internet has played a huge role in introducing skincare fads and at-home beauty tricks among the young generation. Many are interested in all-natural beauty trends, waxing services, tooth whitening treatments, Korean skin care, and many others.

The problem with beauty fads is that people are too quick to believe them without doing proper research. More often than not, beauty tricks that dermatologists do not approve often lead to terrible results and can even harm your overall health. For this reason, we’re going to round up some of the worst beauty tips and products you should never put on your skin. Give your skin a huge favor by getting rid of the following items below.

Applying exfoliating products daily

Although exfoliation is the best way to remove dead skin, doing it regularly causes irritation and strips away the skin’s natural oil. Experts recommend that people with normal skin should exfoliate at least two to three times every week, while people with sensitive skin can do it once a week.

Dermatologists also warn about the use of face brush when exfoliating. Some face brushes have firm bristles that provide deep cleaning to remove dead skin cells. Although they may seem effective, they actually defeat their purpose by causing further damages to sensitive skin types. If your skin really needs some good cleaning, try the 60-second rule by cleansing your face by using only your fingers for 60 seconds. This technique softens the skin and removes sebum blockages while improving overall texture and evenness.

Wearing makeup daily

Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup every day, it’s crucial to maintain regular skincare practices to give your skin some TLC. We understand some women can’t go outside without wearing makeup to school, work, or public gatherings, but you have to give your skin some breathing room once in a while.

If you can’t resist the need to wear makeup, make sure to clean your brushes before and after use, buy products that suit your skin type, and always remove your makeup before sleeping. Most makeup products today double as skin care. They consist of ingredients that won’t only enhance your look but also your skin. These products contain many ingredients suitable for your skin, such as antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and the good ol’ vitamin E.

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Using face wipes to clean the skin

Face wipes are a popular must-have for every lazy girl who can’t carve time for serious cleansing. Magazines often tell us to bring a pack everywhere we go for quick makeup removal or for sudden emergencies. But using a face mask as an alternative to cleansing products won’t do the trick.

When used daily, face wipes cause skin friction and tearing. Dampened wipes contain plenty of preservatives and alcohol to keep the sheets from molding. Neither of these ingredients benefits sensitive skin.

When it comes to environmental impact, wet wipes are a huge threat to landfills. They’re made from rayon, cotton, polyester, and polypropylene, which don’t decompose quickly. So if you’re consuming a lot of wipes each week, you’re causing plenty of nonbiodegradable blockage not only on your skin but also the planet.

Even if your skin can manage the alcohol content and abrasiveness of face wipes, it’s better to let go of this habit. Instead, use reusable cloth and micellar water when moving makeup. This combo is good for the skin and the environment. Just make sure to cleanse thoroughly as soon as you wake up.

Believing in anti-aging creams slows down skin aging

No amount of skincare product can stop your skin from aging. Although anti-aging skin products increase collagen production, their results are only temporary. Moisturizers aid in wrinkle reduction with their plumping effect. Once the ingredient fades, the effect will also disappear.

Anti-aging skin creams may be effective in bringing youth-looking skin, but they aren’t a cost-effective solution. The best you can do to slow down aging is to eat a balanced diet and exercise daily.

The world of beauty and skin care can be hard to navigate with all the products and beauty tricks on the Internet. While it can be tempting to try every new product out there, it’s important to do your research first and consult a trusted dermatologist to know the right product for your skin. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule in skin care. Every person’s skin is unique, and you have to find the right one that suits your skin composition.

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