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Why Being Fit Is Beautiful

What do you do to make yourself feel better? It is a generic question, but you will surely get some varied answers. The notion of “feeling better” is subjective. For some, it is the state of overcoming a bad situation. Others think it is just plain stepping up to the finer stuff, like replacing your steel braces with gold brackets. Being better could be mental, or related to your wealth.

Of all the things that you can achieve in life, one thing that you can always do better is with your health. It may sound harsh, but growing old involves all the quirks and weirdness that make you feel like your body is deteriorating. So what can you do about it? By getting yourself fit. Aging may be inevitable, but you can always give it a fight. The great thing about it is you can feel and look beautiful along the way.

Instilling Confidence

Being sick is not a flattering look for you. How many times have you seen yourself crumpled up under the sheets, with eye bags that seemingly make your droop and your hair looking like a bird’s nest? At that moment though, you did not really care. You felt like hell, but you were so focused on getting well that you forgot that you also look like hell, and you know it.

Now contrast that with the other you, working out at the gym. You may grimace at every dumbbell that you lift or pant like a thirsty dog after a good run at the treadmill. But once you’ve finished your session and hit the showers, you start feeling that you have accomplished something. That is the great thing about trying to get fit; it builds character and confidence. It makes you feel that after pushing yourself to the limit, you know that you’ve done something good for your body. You know you look better now, and you are ready to take on the challenges of the rest of the day.

Healthiness Radiates

How much do you enjoy drinking? Have you ever let yourself go that someone had to carry you home? Being drunk is a great example of how the stuff that you take into your body affects your behavior and even your look. Drunk people generally look unfocused and sometimes even blank. But these people look vastly different when they are sober. They could be someone who looks very distinguished even. Alcohol truly transforms you into somebody else.

Contrast that with you eating healthy food. Not only will you retain your clear thinking, but you will also feel the benefits of the vitamins and minerals that come from your meals. Fruits and vegetables are abundant in these, and having them for lunch or dinner makes you feel refreshed and light. Your body will reap the benefits of the nutrients, and it will show. Your skin will have a nice glow, which could make you look beautiful and younger.

Feel Good, Look Good

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Feeling good is not just about having the attitude or swag when you walk across the hall. It’s also feeling fit and light. Whenever you walk, you enjoy it because your feet feel light. You also have no worries about feeling sick or bloated, because you know that you have been eating right. You also start to carry yourself better by having good posture, thanks to your stronger core muscles. This will make you look confident and stand out, all thanks to your health regimen.

You do not need people to tell you if you look beautiful. Being in the best shape of your life is more important than the compliments you receive from other people. Remember, your body will keep on aging, but keeping yourself fit will make you grow old gracefully. At the end of the day, you would look great if you are still very active in your golden years.

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