When Fat Is Actually Good for You

Fat always gets a bad reputation. Sure, obesity is not healthy and fat-filled foods are a nutritionist’s nightmare. But, there are times when having a little amount of fat is not only alright but healthy. The key here is to understand that not all fat is bad. You just have to know how to get the bad fat out and the good fat in.

When Fats Are Friends

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One reason we will always have fats is that they are necessary for survival. Aside from being our bodies’ emergency calorie and energy reserves, fats have the critical function of protecting our delicate internal organs from outside knocks. Without them, you would feel your intestines by poking your stomach, or your thigh bone will shatter the next time a dog lands on your lap. Fat is good because it is a natural part of the body.

It is also a natural part of our food. A lot of the things we eat have some form of fat on them, especially if we eat a meat-rich diet. Fats can be found in most living things and are an essential part of growth. Most of the fats that we consume are not even produced by us — they are in our food and drinks.

So, why do we hate fat so much?

When Fats Are Foes

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Well, too much of anything is bad. That goes double for fat, sometimes literally. Fat is fine, but when it starts having a noticeable effect on your daily life, that is when it becomes a problem. You do not need to know all the health problems that too much fat can cause, but you have to know that it is unavoidable.

Trying to get your body 100% fat-free is not possible, but there are many ways that you can trim down on excess stuff. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, or undergo cosmetic procedures like CoolSculpting. Medical spas in Utah also offer weight management programs that can help people deal with too much fat.

So, How Can You Tell the Difference?

The best way to check your fat balance is to go straight to your doctor and have yourself examined. There are a lot of things that can affect how much fat your body actually needs versus how much you can get removed for health or aesthetic reasons. Only a licensed medical professional has the right experience and connections to make the call on your behalf.

On the other hand, if you do feel like you are being a little fat-heavy with your lifestyle, there are some small adjustments that you can do to trim down. Taking less sugar, getting more physical exercise, and being more active can help burn away fat deposits gradually, without subjecting your system to the shock of sudden weight loss.

Fat is not inherently unhealthy. Otherwise, our bodies would have never evolved to have them to begin with. The important thing is to discern when too much fat is in our systems and the correct ways to get rid of them. Done right, fat is a healthy part of our bodies that can help us live longer and fuller lives.

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