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Cool Things You Can Do With Your Combined Apartments

A lot of people choose to combine separate apartment units to form one bigger space, with a majority of boomers selecting this as a route to downsizing while still getting the vast living area they like. Of course, each building has its own regulations on the feasibility of this, but once you have the go-ahead, here are some interesting ways to go about fusing apartments.

Combine top and bottom units with a staircase

Most people choose side-by-side units to expand their space, but going the route of the duplex is also aesthetically pleasing and useful if you want to have more distinct partitions between a living area and recreational space. With an innovative stair design, you can still cater to the differences between your two units and connect them effectively.

Having a suitable builder for your staircase will be crucial in keeping this area structurally sound. But it also matters who you choose to work with if you have a specific vision in mind or you want to deck out your staircase as a beautiful thing to look at even beyond its function.

How you design the staircase can determine how convenient it will be to move between floors as well. Consider the space you will use and the ease of movement you want to achieve. Also, think about the installation that would be practical for the age and physicality of the residents and guests who will frequent.

Create an artful connecting path between the two

Wall art and decor are a fixture in home design, but turning doors into art pieces can also contribute a lot to the vibe of your interiors. It is especially useful if you choose to connect your units via an additional door.

This method is helpful if you decide to add a door between the walls that separate the two units but you are unsure if it will stick out like a sore thumb. After all, you would be adding a pathway that wasn’t necessarily intended to be there in the first place.

By integrating the new door into your double apartment’s aesthetic, it can be a part of the whole look and not feel out of place. Interior design trends even note that people are starting to paint their doors to make them part of the wall art, making them a piece in themselves.

Widen your space by knocking those walls down


You can also combine your apartments the traditional way, by tearing down the wall that keeps the two units apart and creating one huge space. Contractors also note that this is the easiest way to go about it since you don’t have to think about where to fit a door or consider the electrical and plumbing connections that may be affected when mapping out where to connect a bottom unit to an upper one.

This step is also a great way to make the revamped version of your place to feel less cramped, as you can use this to create a free area that won’t be filled with heavy pieces and furniture. It should also be noted that it’s in best practice to only knock down a wall if it is not load-bearing. It is an important factor to consider before going through with your plans as it may hamper the expansion because of the priority for structural safety.

Using these methods, you can effectively turn your one-bedroom into a big home ready for either the beginning of a family or a quiet retirement.

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