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Tips to Maximise Savings on College Housing

Your most significant expense will probably be rent even after college. However, the cost of student accommodation in London can still make up a considerable percentage of the expenses of a college student.

Unfortunately, first-year students in universities requiring first-year students to live on campus may be out of luck in saving for house rent. However, these students may have several options a year after that.

College students might need to strategise and brainstorm to avoid a mountain of debts and save as much as they can on their housing expenses. The following are incredible tips to save on college housing.

1. Split the rent and live off-campus.

College students living off campus enjoy a lot of benefits. For example, a student can split the house rent with roommates or find a place that suits their financial status. Two students can rent a two-bedroom house for £150 per month, where each person will be paying £75 per month.

However, the downside of splitting house rent is that most financial aid packages often don’t finance for off-campus life. As such, students that are expecting to receive financial aid should first check their housing guidelines.

2. Pick the right room.

Dorm price can vary wildly depending on various factors. For example, the price for a room in a newly constructed building can be higher than a dorm in an old building that is distant from the classes.

The same rule applies to occupancy. While a private room can be costly, living with a roommate can maximise your savings on college housing.

3. Live with your parents.

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Of course, college should be the time for a student to learn to be independent. However, one trick to save as much cash on college housing is to live with your parents.

After all, parents won’t charge you for living in your old bedroom since you are still in school. Even if your parents charge you for living with them, the rent will probably be smaller compared to other housing options.

4. Enroll in an online college.

Though not everyone would prefer distance learning, it has its perks. Online learning let college students get educated wherever they are and work at their pace as long as they are connected to the internet.

Students attending online classes can live anywhere, so distance learning is an excellent option for students who have the knack to study online.

5. Become a resident assistant.

These individuals are responsible for overseeing a set of student rooms or dormitories, and in the exchange of their services, their boarding and room fees are scrapped off.

However, finding a job as a resident assistant is not easy though. College students might need to participate in campus activities, keep their grades up, and apply to the residence life at their college to qualify to become a resident assistant.

One of the smartest things that a college student can do is to cut their housing costs. It helps a college student to not only develop a saving habit even after completing school but also enables them to avoid mountains of student debts.

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