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The Beginner’s Guide in Building Your Dream Home

We all have dreamt of building our ideal house at least once in our lives. Double doors, a huge driveway, marble floors and hallways, chandeliers on the ceiling, a pool in the backyard, and all other types of luxury that our minds could come up with — you name it. We have all once thought of how amazing it would be if we were in such an abode.

Many people, however, see their dream home as it is — just a dream. Why? Because they think it’s impossible to have. The truth is that’s only an excuse since they don’t know how and where to start.

Here are a few tips you need to consider if you wish to start building your dream home soon:

Think of the Size

Normally, when you think of the words ‘dream house’, you think of the biggest, most spacious houses with all the possible luxurious and aesthetic looks ever.

There is nothing wrong with that because, after all, our imagination has no limit. When the ‘dream’ starts to have the possibility of turning into a ‘reality’, however, you have to consider the facts. How big will my house be? It is important not to only visualise the gigantic and spacious house you are dreaming of, but also to consider the weight of its feasibility.

Know How to Budget


Dream houses are expensive in our imaginations, and they can also be in real life. If you have the funds to build a luxurious house, why not? Spending what you have and what you can are not going to be a problem, but it is still important to lay out a specific budget to give you an idea.

Take note of the construction costs — the materials, the labour cost for the contractors, engineers, and architects, the appliances, and many more. These are some of the most important things to consider when building a house.

Consider the Interiors

Now that the budget, construction, and visualisation are all out of the way, you’re now at the most important and exciting stage of building your dream house.

Designing the interiors is indeed exciting; just think of the set you see in the movies or in reality TV shows. They all make you think that your house has endless possibilities. When you have this type of mindset, your mind automatically drifts to the most beautiful furniture and interior you could think of.

Generally, that would include the cliché red carpet and marble hallways. You could even go as far as trying out architectural staircases on the living room, so you wouldn’t have to be disappointed like Saoirse Ronan from LadyBird because they didn’t have one.

Build a Sustainable Dream House

Of course, the glitz and glamour of your dream home are amazing, but it is also important to consider its safety. When an unexpected disaster comes your way, makes sure that your house is sturdy enough to survive.

Your home should not only look and feel comfortable, but it should also be the place where you feel the safest. After all, sustainable and sturdy houses are practical in the long run.

A dream house that could pass as a celebrities’ and is fit for a media feature is amazing, but it is also important to consider what’s practical and safe!

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