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Party Themes and Concepts for Your Aging Father’s Birthday Bash

Birthdays are always meant to be special, and if you’re organizing one for your aging dad, then you have to make a plan that will work out. Being old may give him little reason to go out and have fun, but he can still spend quality time with the rest of the family.

What you need is a great idea for a party that’ll get him interested. Here are some of the best birthday bash suggestions that you may want to try out.

Outdoor Activities

If your dad’s the fun and outgoing type then you can complement his athleticism with an outdoor party complete with all the activities that he wants to do. Whether he wants to play his favorite sport, go on a camping or hiking trip in the Swiss Alps, or take a dip in the ocean, make sure that you plan for it well. Even if he feels that he’s up for anything right now, take your dad’s health into account so you can prepare alternatives.

Backyard Barbeque Parties

Friends having fun grilling meat enjoying bbq partyThe slow but satisfying barbecue may not be appealing before, but now that there’s a lot more time on your father’s hands, it can be one of the best activities to experience. As they tend to take a long time to cook, make sure to factor in the amount of time you’ll need for preparations and set the party schedule accordingly. While not necessary, it’s best to provide tents to shield the guests from the elements and an ample amount of outdoor seating to accommodate everyone.

Buffet Dinners

For those dads with a huge appetite, buffet dinners are the surefire way to satisfy their enormous cravings. Normally, you’d ask your father to control his diet in accordance with his age and health, but his birthday is one of those days where he gets a free pass.

The best ways to go about this are to either hire a catering service at home or to go to any of the numerous buffet restaurants around town. As long as the doctor gives his approval and your father will go back to his usual diet afterward, it should turn out fine.

Private Dinner

If your dad is the more reclusive type of person, then he may appreciate the more intimate setting of a private family dinner. What’s great about this option is that you won’t have to do much in terms of organizing. You can resort to whipping up a few special dishes and call it a day. If you still want some semblance of a celebratory atmosphere, you can organize a small presentation for him.

As the organizer of the event, it’s up to you to make this day special for your father. Because of this, it’s best to ask him what he wants in advance to give you time to prepare and honor his wishes for the party.

If you plan and do it right, you’ll give your father a day to remember. Even if you do mess up sometime during the event, he’ll still appreciate your effort and consideration.

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