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#RelationshipGoals: How to Avoid Couple Fights When Planning a Wedding

To say that planning a wedding is stressful is an understatement. If you do not heed to everybody’s advice about doing the preparations as early as possible, then you are in big trouble. Instead of making the entire process easy, you are giving yourself more reasons to get a headache. What is worse is that the more you are stressed, the more you could be picking a fight with everyone — even your partner.

Wedding planning is nerve-racking, and it is not just because you are organizing the biggest event in your life, but because you are also dealing with your partner and are considering their needs, preferences, and quirks in your plans. In the middle of all that, couple fights could happen. But when you follow these steps, however, you could make wedding planning with your future spouse less terrible:

1. Lay down expectations

A lot of times, the petty fights come from assumptions that were never talked about. One partner thinks the other would do this, but the other fails to do such, and thus the arguments.

Share which aspects of the wedding planning you are going to be involved in right off the bat. This will not just keep the peace, but also help you divide and conquer the things on your to-do list.

Take note, however, that there are tasks that are worth doing together. For instance, shopping for wedding rings. It is the one important symbol of your wedding, so you have to choose it together. Check out some wedding rings in DC jewelry shops and you may just find the perfect pair.

2. Choose your battles

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You would encounter disagreements along the way, from who to invite and where to hold the reception to what the colors of the flowers will be.

Instead of picking up a fight at every disagreement, pick your fights. Is it really worth insisting inviting this uncle you have never seen in years? Do the flowers really need to be violet? If you can sleep tonight with a peaceful heart giving in to your partner’s wishes, then let it go. If it is something that would really bother you five years (or more) from now, explain carefully to your partner that it is something of value to you. Your fiancé should, on the other hand, listen and find a compromise.

3. Think about your partner always

In every decision, reflect on what is best for your partner. You would receive a lot of unsolicited advice from friends and family about who to hire or where to get married, but at the end of the day, your wedding is about you as a couple.

Always put your fiancé first. This is where the importance of date nights come in as well. Do not postpone dates just because you need to do some wedding preps. Take a break some time, so you are always in tune with each other’s preferences.

The phase before the wedding is the hotbed for petty couple fights. But you can very well avoid that when you follow the mentioned steps. Have a fun, stress-less planning!

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