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Obstetric Conditions that Require Immediate Intervention

Do you know that approximately 7 million pregnancies have been recorded annually in the United States alone? Statistics show that this number has been steadily growing over the past years due to social and cultural changes. Since pregnancy is a delicate stage in both maternal and fetal health, it is crucial to consult an OB-GYN in West Jordan as soon as the pregnancy has been confirmed. Several maternal conditions require immediate consultation with an obstetrician to prevent adverse effects on a child’s health.

Preterm Labor

This is a condition that is characterized by contractions and cervix changes before 37 weeks of pregnancy. It occurs due to several factors such as untreated maternal infection, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, and recent stress. Women who are experiencing preterm labor often manifest with regular abdominal contractions weeks before the expected date of delivery. Constant, annoying pain over both sides of the lower back may also occur. Other associated symptoms include watery vaginal discharge, mild bleeding, and abdominal pressure.

Since preterm labor causes disseminated infection among newborns, obstetricians highly recommend immediate consultation as soon as you experience regular abdominal contractions. You will be hooked to a fetal monitor to assess the viability and monitor the pulse rate of your baby. Medications will also be given to reduce preterm abdominal contractions and ensure smooth labor. You may also be started on medicines to promote fetal lung maturity especially among mothers who are at 32 to 34 weeks age of gestation.

Premature Rupture of Membranes

PROM is one of the most common causes of newborn infection in teenage pregnancy. It occurs in approximately 10 percent of all pregnancies. This condition occurs due to sudden weakening of the membrane that regulates gas exchange between the mother and the fetus. PROM is precipitated by several factors such as maternal smoking, previous preterm birth, and sexually transmitted infections.

PROM is a condition that requires an early diagnosis to decrease the risk of infection among newborns. Therefore, if you experience a sudden flow of watery discharge in your vagina, it is crucial to visit an obstetrician right away. Internal and pelvic examinations are both performed to rule out other conditions that may mimic PROM.

Abruptio Placenta

Abruptio is one of the most common obstetric complications worldwide. This condition is characterized by abrupt separation of the placental lining that connects the blood supply of the mother and her fetus. This leads to profuse vaginal bleeding with associated severe abdominal pain. Due to the rapid course of this illness, an early diagnosis must be made to prevent maternal mortality.

When you experience severe vaginal bleeding, you must be immediately brought to the hospital for further evaluation. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, cesarean section is performed to control blood loss and ensure rapid delivery of the fetus.

Pregnant woman having her routine checkup and ultrasound

Overall, pregnancy and labor play a critical stage in the health maintenance of both mother and baby. Therefore, it is vital to have regular consultations with an obstetrician throughout your pregnancy to prevent unnecessary complications.

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