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Barriers to Wellness: What Stops You from Keeping Yourself Healthy?

These days, we cannot afford to keep on living an unhealthy lifestyle. The pandemic is constantly reminding us to take better care of ourselves. This made most people go into panic mode and think of ways to keep themselves healthy and safe. But then, even one’s health and wellness goals will continue to be unattainable if we let different challenges stop us on our tracks.

Many things stop people from attaining their health and wellness goals. For the most part, many lack the motivation and willpower to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The moment we realize what truly stops us from achieving our health and wellness goals, it will be easier to overcome these challenges.

Poor Willpower

Willpower refers to your ability to restrain impulses and control yourself from giving in to temptations. The more self-control you have, the stronger your willpower. The stronger your willpower is, the easier it will be to reach your long-term objectives, as your health and wellness goals.

The more you overuse your willpower, the more it can get overused. The good news is, there are ways you can boost your will so you can finally start attaining your health and wellness goals. Here’s a short list of ways you can increase your willpower.

  • Always have a plan and learn to stick to it.
  • Give your brain and body more chances to recuperate by getting more sleep.
  • Find ways to effectively manage stress.
  • Meditate to improve your focus, awareness, and attention.
  • Commit to regular exercise.
  • Feed yourself with healthy food choices.
  • Practice delayed gratification.
  • Break the habit of procrastination.

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Lack of Healthy Living Space

Is your home the main reason why you are constantly feeling sick? There is a need to keep a clean and organized home for our health’s sake. If the house is dirty, messy, and disorganized, you will have a hard time committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Your living space can say a lot about your health. This can impact your health in many ways. If you are not serious about home upkeep, you are only making it easy to turn your home into an unhealthy living space. This, in turn, can make you sick no matter how hard you try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from keeping a clean and organized home, it helps to improve your living space according to your health and wellness goals. If your home can support your goals, you will be more motivated to eat healthily, exercise more, sleep more, and stay productive. There are so many home improvement projects that can help you attain your health and wellness objectives.

For example, you need more space to exercise while at home. Why not turn your extra living space like your garage into a home gym? All you need is to make some improvements and invest in your preferred home gym equipment if you have the budget.

Consider a new door for your garage if you haven’t updated this part of your home for many years now. This will help secure your home better while giving you better access to your garage/home gym. This can also help insulate your garage better, helping improve your home’s energy efficiency and your own comfort.

Financial Challenges

Many people struggle financially, making it hard to keep up with their health and wellness goals. They don’t have enough money to buy healthy meals, so they resort to unhealthy fast food items. They can’t afford gym memberships, which makes it hard for them to keep a workout regimen.

In reality, there are ways you can live a healthy lifestyle even if you are experiencing a financial setback. It all boils down to the habits you keep. The more mindful you are of your habits, the easier it gets to live a healthy life.

If you can’t afford organic fruits and vegetables, why not consider growing your own produce? You can also consider joining the community garden so you can have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also farmers’ markets you can explore in your area.

Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, there are other ways you can get your daily exercise without having to pay a dime. Incorporate exercise in your daily activities, and you can enjoy your daily workouts for free. Walking towards your destination, skipping the washer and dryer when doing your laundry, and exercise along with free exercise videos online are just a few examples of ways you can maintain an active lifestyle for free.

This list shows that even it is tricky to live a healthy lifestyle, there are ways you can achieve this. You can start by knowing what stops you on your tracks when trying to stay healthy. The more you recognize these challenges, the easier it gets to overcome each one.

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