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Dentists have spent many years training in their profession and people come to trust their expertise on all matters regarding oral health as a result, for good reason. The same can be said for digital marketing specialists who have dedicated their careers to understanding the complex and ever-changing digital world.

Just like it would never be expected of a technical specialist to perform a wisdom tooth extraction, it should not be expected of dentists to understand the subtleties and skill that is required to design a website that is effective enough to, not only feature strongly in Google searches for given keywords, but also attract the right individuals to the website through appropriate dental SEO.

What is SEO?

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It is a term frequently thrown around in marketing circles however many people, professionals included, don’t entirely understand what it means. Simply put the term SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and is just one of the effective ways in which Google or other search engines are able to place the right information in front of the reader when they ask for it.

The game that is played between businesses involves jumping through a lot of hoops, to ensure that their data is placed first in front of an individual who searches for certain keywords that correspond to their data. Currently, there are more than 200 factors that Google takes into account to determine where a website is placed in its rankings for certain information and this is constantly evolving and changing. Google decides how a business’s website ranks through algorithms and marketing wizards understand how to work these in their client’s favour.

This means that business websites are competing, not only between each other, but against Google and the walls that are placed around them. Unfortunately, when it comes to Google page one, the space above the organic results are put aside for paid advertisers. This means that only those willing to invest in their businesses are going to be seen in the first instances when an individual searches for certain keywords.

Although it is generally understood that an investment needs to be made in the marketing of a business, if a dentist is willing to see real results, being able to feature organically on page one and through paid advertising, would certainly be a great option for those willing to do so. Even more so if it is suggested that doing so would be beneficial for certain keywords.

Is it as easy as one might think?

There is more to search engine optimisation than repeating keywords enough times to fire a signal to Google. The algorithms have become more and more advanced over the years, which makes it more in tune with the reader’s experience of a website. However, understanding the subtle art of finding the correct keywords and placing them in the right manner and frequency is certainly a skill that takes some time in honing. By seeking the experience and support of a team of professionals, dentists are able to capitalize on this and enjoy real results of more patients walking through their practice doors.

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