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Unsure if You Need a Solicitor to Buy a Home? How They Can Simplify the Process

Regardless of your age, buying a home is an exciting process. There is interior design to think about, whose room will be where and of course, whether there is enough space left over for that indoor library you have always wanted.

But, while buying a home is fun, it is also extremely complicated in relation to the legal aspects. Unless you have studied conveyancing law at a university level, the regulations, ratings and other aspects can seem like a never-ending to-do list, somewhat taking the magic out of you buying your first home.

Luckily, you don’t have to complete the process alone. When you are buying your first home, it is always recommended that you seek the advice of conveyancing solicitors. These professionals know just about everything there is to know about buying and selling houses and can offer you a time (and stress) saving experience.

But what is the role of a said solicitor in the buying process? Read on to find out.


As mentioned briefly earlier, the process of buying a home is not a straightforward one and, inevitably, it comes with a great deal of paperwork. While you could try to fill this all out yourself, any incorrect wording or completion can throw a spanner in the works and slow down the entire process. Your conveyancing solicitors will be knowledgeable of all the paperwork that you need to fill in to buy your home and will ensure that there are no errors which could delay the purchase.


Are you and the seller having a dispute over the size of the driveway? If so, you could try to hammer it out yourself (the issues, not the driveway!) or you could seek the help of conveyancing solicitors. Experts in negotiating and liaising, they will work with the seller’s solicitor to reach an amicable and fair agreement in relation to property disputes, without things turning sour.


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Assume that the property that you want to buy is selling for £300,000. How would you know it was actually worth that amount? A solicitor with expertise in conveyancing would, and would be able to assess the property and the surrounding areas to ensure that the amount you pay is fair. After all, overpaying for your first home is not something you want to do!


The most dreaded part of any home buying process is the mortgage. Innumerable meetings to attend and forms to fill can be hard to fit around an already busy lifestyle but, once again, a solicitor can complete all of these on your behalf, without becoming puzzled on some of the legal technicalities that are going to come up.


One of the closing phases of buying a home is the exchange of the contracts; once again, yours and the seller’s solicitor will arrange this and ensure that both parties are happy with the contracts before this process is arranged. Imagine trying to do all that without a solicitor!

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