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Uniquely Phoenix: 4 Unusual Things to Try in Phoenix, AZ

In the heart of Arizona, Phoenix is known for its high-end spa resorts, vibrant nightclubs, and expansive golf courses. Apart from these popular destinations, people touring the city often flock local souvenir shops, hike scenic trails, and explore desert gardens.

While these activities will surely help you learn more about Phoenix and its singular charm, the city offers plenty of unique, fun things to do for tourists.

If you’re the kind of traveler who wants to avoid tourist traps and prefers to do something new, below are four unique activities and destinations you can try in Phoenix.

1. Do yoga with a goat

Arizona Goat Yoga is an unusual mix between a yoga center and a petting zoo. Housing goats, cows, and alpacas, this fun place lets you practice your downward dog with barnyard animals. It’s the perfect destination for families and animal lovers of all ages.

The participants lay their mats on the grass. Then they are guided through the routine while a small herd of adorable goats walk around and try to steal your attention. The goats sometimes jump on people’s backs as you try to hold your planks and poses.

If you’re not into yoga, you can simply cuddle with the cows, feed the alpacas, and take selfies with the animals all afternoon.

2. Spend the afternoon with bats

Explore the Phoenix Bat Cave if the goat yoga has left you wanting for more quality time with animals. The best time to visit is during summer when the bats leave the storm drain and migrate south.

Before sunset, park near Camelback Road and 40th Street, walk northwest toward the northernmost end of the Arizona Canal Trail until you reach a large ditch with a metal fence around it. Stay quiet and wait ‘til the bats pour out of the cave in droves. Make sure to bring your camera or phone so you can snap some photos.

3. Fly over the desert in a hot air balloon

hot air balloons

If you’re not interested in watching bats, you can go on a magical hot air balloon ride instead. Plenty of companies offer balloon rides in Phoenix. Compare their packages online to make sure you get the best deal.

The ride takes you up to six thousand feet in the air, giving you majestic views of the Sonoran Desert and mountain ranges like Four Peaks and Daisy Mountain. You can either go before sunrise or sunset, depending on your preference.

4. Munch on a meaty PB&J sandwich

Finally, cap off your great Phoenix adventure with its signature meaty PB&J sandwich. A lot of restaurants offer their own version of this unusual but must-try dish. One of the crowd favorites is Jalapeño Bucks’ creation. The roadside diner stacks juicy slices of brisket in a burger bun and tops it with peanut butter, jam, and a special barbecue sauce for a sweet and salty explosion of flavors.

Aside from these four activities, Phoenix has plenty more fun, unique things to offer. You can try a flying trapeze, go glamping, experience a sunrise hike, or dine under the desert sky. Read up on the many attractions in the city. Then prepare your itinerary to make the most out of your trip.

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