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Things You Can Keep Inside Your Storage Shed

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough space for everything you have collected over time, storage sheds may be a good idea. These sheds can store your valuables while keeping them safe from damage as well as exposure from the elements. In many cities, homeowners add a shed to gain additional storage space for items that they don’t need at the moment but don’t have the heart to throw away.

To keep sheds from being underutilized, you can store these seven items inside your sheds.


The most common items that you can accumulate over time are tools. Having too many of them can make tool drawers messy, and it can take up a lot of space inside your home.

You can store various tolls inside a shed since they are built for moisture and extreme temperatures. The sheds can withstand different conditions without sacrificing the integrity of the items it houses. Here are two ways to store tools inside a shed to maximize space.

  • Magnetic Bar – You can place a magnetic bar on your shed’s walls, making tools more accessible and organized.
  • Pegboard – The most straightforward way to keep tools is by hanging them on a pegboard on the walls of your storage shed, it frees up the floor, giving you more extra space.

Nails and Screws

Nails, bolts, and other smaller items are essential for different projects around the house. However, they can easily get lost because of their small size. You can place them inside your storage shed via a hanging mason jar system.

Garden Tools

Yard tools such as shovels, pitchforks, and rakes are challenging to organize; this is why you often find them in a messy pile on the floor. Store your garden equipment by using your shed’s wall space and put wooden planks that each item can fit into.


It is common to have chemicals such as gasoline and paint inside sheds. However, not storing them properly can lead them to become toxic and even become flammable in confined spaces. Prevent contamination of the floor or water supply by placing them inside sturdy storage containers.

Hose and Ropes

These items can easily get entangled with other equipment inside the shed. You can store hose and ropes inside your storage space by hanging them on hooks, shelves, or even PVC pipes.

Propane Tanks

Propane is a fuel that does not get affected by extreme temperatures. The freezing temperature of propane tanks is -44°F (-42°C). Store your propane tanks on a shelf inside your shed as placing it on cold concrete can freeze its content.

Recreational Items

recreational items

You can store outdoor toys, inflatable pools, and other recreational items inside storage sheds as these items can withstand fluctuating temperatures. Place these items inside a well-ventilated shed to maintain their optimal condition, allowing you to enjoy these valuables for years to come.

Having a storage shed can help you keep your valuables safe and secure in optimal conditions. Make sure to check which items are good to store inside confined spaces and which ones need to be out in the open. Always do routine checks and inspect your shed for leaks, mold, or pest infestation. The last thing you’d want is to have your valuables damaged while in storage.

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