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The Relocation List: What You Shouldn’t Miss

When moving to a new home, whether it’s in another part of the city or across the country, these things must be included in your checklist to help you get things done as organized and as efficiently as possible.

Shop for Moving Companies

Look for a moving company that could offer the full-service relocation package and are certified cross-country movers. Movers who can help you from packing your things and disposing of anything that you don’t want to bring will save you a lot of headache on the day of the move. These companies also offer storage services so you can secure items that are meant for re-homing and easily schedule a pick-up date for those who would like to have your stuff. This way, you have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got everything covered from start to finish.

Schedule Meetings with Landlords

While it is possible to finalize a rental agreement remotely, not all apartment owners or landlords are okay with this setup. Thus, it is important to set aside enough time for apartment hunting, especially if you’re moving across the country. Personally taking a look at the space, although time-consuming, is better than just trusting reviews and feedback that you can find on the listing page. Seeing the inside of the property, the neighborhood, and even getting to ask a few neighbors about the place help you pick the right apartment. Your future self will thank you for investing time and money for this exercise.

Create a New Home Improvement List

Once you’ve found the right place, it’s time to note home improvement items and check for anything that needs to be fixed or repaired before your move-in week. Now would be a good time to take measurements of the windows so you can get the right size of curtains or blinds. Measure the entryways and hallways to have an idea of whether that big couch of yours, for example, can fit through the door or if you need to sell it and get a new one. The last thing you want is to leave your stuff outside of your new home because they can’t fit through the door.

Get Directions to Important Places

As you will be in a completely new neighborhood, it is important to know how to go to grocery stores, health establishments, and offices for safety and security. It’s equally important to save these numbers on your mobile phone and have a backup copy on paper so you can still find the information you need even without looking it up on your phone. If you have the time to do so, explore the neighborhood to get a feel of the place. Walk around or run it in the morning. Record a video of the streets and landmarks, if it will help you in navigating the area until you get familiar with it.

Sort Items as Soon as You’ve Found a New Apartment

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Now that you’re done with the apartment hunting, it’s time to head back to your current place and start sorting your things. Schedule a room per week to make it as stress-free and as thorough as possible. Separating things into categories, such as for keeping, for donating, and for disposal, will make the sorting process more organized. You might even find lightly used or unused items that you can sell and make some money out of. Use it for your home improvement expenses for the new home.

Book Cleaners Before You Leave

Have the clean-up scheduled on the week of your move out. The way you leave an apartment says much about you, so leave a good impression by making sure the place is clean and clear when you go.

These things will make your schedule more organized and your moving process more strategic. The entire activity will be more manageable, too.

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