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The Need For Speed: Getting Into Racing as a Hobby

Nothing can get the blood pumping more than a good race. While many people think that racing is only for professionals, amateur racing is alive and well. If you want to get into racing, there are several options out there available to you.

Here are some of them and some tips on how to get started:

Kart Racing

The simplest way to get into racing is via karts. Instead of full-size cars, racers will be driving small open-air vehicles called karts in tracks. Many of today’s professional race car drivers started at this level and it can be a great stepping stone to further racing. Most kart racing is based around track and circuit racing which are adapted to the smaller kart sizes.

There is enough variety that will allow you to choose a format that works for you. The great thing about it is that even young drivers can start, with some being as young as eight years old. If you are just a hobbyist, you can easily rent out a kart at any track or circuit offering it. If you get serious though, you will want to have a kart of your own.


Another type of racing that is easy to start is autocross. Potential racers can use the car that they drive to work every day. Autocross is very simple in execution. A mini-course is made on any parking lot with traffic cones and racers try to run the course at the lowest time possible. There is minimal risk, especially when done right. Your focus would be to maximize speeds with skilled driving and planning. You’ll only need a helmet as your main safety gear. There are several competition levels so you can start from regional levels and go all the way to nationals. There are also different categories to divide what sort of cars can participate. The street level has the lowest amount of modifications so you’ll likely start with that.

Drag Racing

race carIn a more head-to-head race category, there is drag racing. The idea behind it is very simple. Two cars and a flat straight lane. The two of them will compete on who reaches the finish line fastest. What makes this simple is that it is a contest of speed. No complex turns and no other competitors will narrow down the demands on you.

As for looking for local drag racing competitions, there are national organizations that can keep track of safe tracks and run the races legally. This will ensure that you are completely safe. Take your car to test and tune days so that you can see how well your car performs and how to improve it. Once you see how well it runs, you can then participate in sanctioned races.

Rally Racing

If you want a more challenging experience, there is rally racing. This type of racing takes you cross-country. This can be complex and expensive but it can be very exciting riding down the back roads of the country. Rally racing is essentially a long race over the uncertain ground. You will need several things if you want to join the rally racing hobby: a partner, a rally car, and some training. You should also check out some rally races before you decide to jump in. They will showcase what skills you need if you plan to go into this sport. It’s better to know beforehand before you make any serious investment in it.

Getting Serious

If you want to compete, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with various requirements. Usually, there are licenses that you can sign up for that will allow you to compete in local events. Besides that, you are going to need a car. While some tracks offer to rent out vehicles for use for the day, being competitive means that you have a car of your own that is tuned to your driving skill.

Owning a car for competition also means that you have to think about logistics. For example, if your next race is in the next state, you will need to hire car movers or have a truck of your own for transport. This doesn’t include the mechanics and maintenance of it.

Racing, in whatever form, can be very liberating. There is nothing like the rush of speed as you compete. Try out the various forms of racing available to see which one best fits your temperament. Whether it is simple kart racing or going off-road in rally racing, they all provide you with a chance to show off your skills behind the driver’s wheel.

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