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The Most Common Issues Commercial Buildings Have

Many commercial buildings have problems as they age that can cause some major unwanted costs to fix. While some issues inevitably develop over time because of weather, external stresses from use with occupants, and just general degradation, many snags crop up from underlying problems that had already been existing from construction. That is why it’s essential to pick the right building contractor that can show a decent track record and has the quality assurance in place.

Whether you’re just about to start construction or you’re checking on an already-built structure, here are some flaws that commonly occur which you should watch out for.

  • Poor air quality because of inadequate ventilation

The way the building is constructed can determine the quality of ventilation throughout the property, and this must work hand in hand with heating and air conditioning systems as well. When not done well, this causes more than just discomfort and poor energy usage. It can carry a host of health problems with it. That is why the United States Environmental Protection Agency has specific guidelines for residential and commercial building that requires the intake of outside air, distributing the mixed air throughout the building, and then adequately exhausting part of it out.

Without this process, indoor air pollution is a major possibility and causes numerous health problems, exacerbates issues for those with existent conditions, and affects the overall temperature inside (which can also lead to quicker failure of any hardware inside). Around 30% of buildings that are new or remodeled have sick building complaints that are remarkably higher than average.

  • Water damage from leaks


Water damage only gets worse if left unattended and can not only be unsightly but also threaten the structural integrity of a building and be a source of other problems like mold growth and chemical exposure. While this sometimes occurs because of natural disasters, a primary culprit is just lousy plumbing. There are many ways plumbing can have issues, but it’s essential to make sure they are fitted well from the beginning or if any major renovations have been done.

Chronic exposure to this also leads to the prevalence of sick building syndrome (SBS), which affects multiple organ systems. A quarter of U.S. buildings are water damaged, and they are not abandoned, continuing to pose a threat to those who regularly stay in that environment.

  • Various electrical shorts

There are, again, many ways this problem could occur. Some of the most common would be because of bad wiring or overloading the building. That leads to shorts that can cause a major power outage that ruins equipment, electrical components, and also stands as a possibly fatal hazard for any people. This problem often comes up when there are many occupants in a building that end up overloading outlets, which also is often a response to not having enough outlets in the first place.

It’s essential to make sure that there is an adequate amount for the planned activity in the building, and that these all carry the energy capabilities to distribute throughout the circuit evenly. If there is any fault from the building process, this only spells trouble as people unknowingly start using the electricity.

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