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The Fitness Business: Facilities for Your New Gym Business

When you’re setting up your fitness gym, it pays to know the various facilities you should have to attract new clients. You have to look beyond the staple pieces of gym equipment. Fitness junkies nowadays look for amenities to enhance their gym experience.

Do you have everything covered? Sometimes, it’s the little things that first-time gym visitors expect to see, yet fitness center owners tend to overlook them. Browse through this list to see if your new gym has all the essential features.

Locker rooms with CCTV security

If your gym’s shower facilities are communal, it might be time to install shower enclosures. Cubicle partitioning services allow your gym’s clients to have maximum privacy while they take a shower. Hooking up your shower to have both cold and warm output also helps your clients’ tense muscles relax.

Your locker rooms should be equipped with a monitoring system. Some high-end lockers are fitted with dryers, electric clippers, and even sauna rooms.

Water dispensers

This is an absolute requirement for any fitness center, as your clients will need to hydrate during their routines. These have to be abundant and scattered strategically around the premise. Some gyms have fountains with electrolyte-enhanced water, while some have dispensers with water infused with lemon or cucumber.

If you want to earn a little extra, you can partner with a beverage brand to have an in-house vending machine with sports drinks.

Biometrics security system

Regular membership to a fitness center should pay off for your client. Setting up biometric access or personal RFID key tags not only keep your gym secure but also personalizes the experiences for them.

Some gyms go the extra mile by installing the same on their locker systems so that visitors don’t have to bring their lock and key anymore.

Smart scales

Nowadays, having the old analog-type weighing scale for your gym isn’t enough. You have to modernize to fit your client’s changing needs.

Body composition scales now do more than their predecessors, and they do these more accurately. These scales can calculate the user’s lean mass, resting metabolism, visceral fat percentage, skeletal density, body age, and body mass index using bioelectrical impedance. Then they can synchronize these data to the built-in health application on the user’s device or smart health watch.


Gym environment

Helping your clients achieve their fitness goals means furnishing your site with amenities that offer subtle signs of encouragement. This is what a floor-to-ceiling mirror does for them. Beyond that, this helps make your place look bigger and is useful for synchronized activities such as dance routines, yoga, spinning classes, or interval training.

Installing a central entertainment system helps people have fun while going through their routines. Broadcast relevant content like healthy food shows, inspirational fitness journeys, or home exercise routines.

Cloud-based tracking

If your gym still runs on pen and paper and tracks progress using physical charts, then you’re probably trailing behind. These can be viable options when both the client and the training coach are hard at work. However, newer alternatives are available.

With cloud-based tracking systems, your clients’ training progress reports, body composition data, and even diet recommendations are kept in one secure location. Through such a system, they can even schedule fitness classes, reserve cardio machines, or consult their doctors remotely.

While high-end amenities like these make the journey easier for your gym clients, it’s still industry – not luxury – that defines how they achieve their fitness goals.

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