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Straightening patients misaligned teeth with Invisalign, Weybridge

Still in the UK, one of the most common dental issues amongst adults is misaligned or crooked teeth, meaning that there is a large number of people who continue to live with the discomfort and oral health issues that are associated with this condition when there is absolutely no need for this to be the case.

Maybe this is due to these people living with the mindset that they are too old to receive the alignment treatment they need and may want. Some of these people may also be living with the false belief that the opportunity to receive treatment has passed them by, as they may have had the option to receive treatment in their teen years but refused to engage with the treatment for their own reasons.

The good news for these adults is that it is not too late to receive the treatment to align their teeth and make their life a little more comfortable. With Invisalign Weybridge, adults can receive a modern treatment that is tailored to meet their individual needs, in a way that is also totally discrete.

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Welcome to the modern world of alignment treatment

The issues with the alignment treatments that practically everyone was aware of as children and teens are well known and documented, so there is no need to rehash them here. But it does need to be clearly stated that the modern aligner has now gone a long way to address old issues, as a way to create an alignment treatment that those who may be reluctant will feel more comfortable engaging with.

Invisalign is an alignment treatment created to be virtually invisible once in position in the wearer’s mouth, giving them a treatment that has the ability to be totally discrete. This means even the most self-conscious of adults can now receive the treatment they need without being concerned about what others around them may think, as these aligners will appear to be hidden in plain sight.

The treatment path

Before going ahead with any course of alignment treatment it is important that the patient has a full consultation with their dentist, as it is vital for the patient’s condition to be fully assessed and they are fully aware of the steps they may need to take to prepare for treatment.

At the consultation, x-rays or scans may be taken to aid in the creation of a series of aligners that are to be used in the course of the treatment, these will be custom moulded to the patient’s teeth and designed to play their own role within the treatment. Each aligner is worn for around two weeks and then changed for the next in the series.

The treatment may take twelve to eighteen months to complete, the patient should be encouraged to co-operate fully with treatment if they wish to gain the best results upon completion.

Prior to treatment with Invisalign, the patient needs to be clear about the need to practice a regular tooth cleaning routine, as this will help to reduce the risks posed by common dental issues during the period of treatment.

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