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”Smart” Additions You Can Make to the Air conditioner

What defines a “smart” air conditioner? It is all about the features and capabilities that enhance comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Most of all, it is the capability to be controlled from anywhere. Have considered these kinds of benefits, but your conventional air conditioner is not capable of offering them? While a new smart air conditioner may be out of your budget, you can transform the existing unit to harness these benefits. Here are a few ways on how to go about this:

Wi-Fi Controlled Fans

Fans that have Wi-Fi capability are an effective way of enhancing air circulation in the rooms. During summer, they will be circulating cool air, thus increasing the efficiency of the a/c unit. The same fans can be used to distribute the heat during winter in support of the heating system. Standard fans may be upgraded so that they can be controlled using an app to achieve higher accuracy and energy efficiency.

Motion-Activated Solution

This idea that is still somewhat new for homeowners, but it can take an air conditioning system a step higher. You will need to add motion sensors so that you can detect movements in the home. Upon motion detection, these components alert the air conditioning unit to cool the space or otherwise. If there is no motion in space, the system will mute the air conditioner, thus saving energy. As you can guess, this setting offers several benefits, including convenience and furtherance of greener living.

Smart Controller

Air conditioner blowing warm air

If you have an old air conditioner in the home, it probably gives you a headache every time you need to switch it on. Apart from consuming your time, it probably eats a lot of energy. With a smart controller, you can forget about all those negatives. Smart plug ideas are now available to help in the control of the system using an app. If you are into flexibility in the management of your system, your home Wi-Fi will offer the solution.

Smart Thermostat

If you do not deal with portable and window air conditioners, this solution is yours. Users of central air conditioners can also improve their systems to enjoy the benefits of smart technology. For more savings and convenience in your place, buy a smart thermostat from leading brands such as Ecobee or Nest. Once you have the device installed, you no longer have to ponder about energy usage patterns or air filtration. Furthermore, most of these components have customizable features that help optimize energy savings and user convenience.


Exceptional efficiency and usability of Knoxville heating and cooling are possible through smart solutions. Consider a scenario where you have been away the whole day, but wish to find the indoors in the perfect conditions. Leaving the unit on throughout the day is unfathomable, considering the cost of energy. With a smart thermostat or something of that sort, you can switch on the system just in time for your arrival, while still taking care of your money. Therefore, you have every reason to convert your olfder a/c unit to incorporate “smart” capabilities.

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