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Six Popular European Dishes You Should Try

When it comes to unique and distinct flavours, you will never go wrong with European food. From their pasta, appetisers and soup to green salads, grilled beef and lamb chops, you will never run out of great choices. In fact, you might even find it difficult to choose which one to order.

The good news is there are now several authentic European restaurants in Singapore. If you are still uncertain with your choices, here are some of the best and popular European dishes you should not miss.

1. Souvlaki

This is a popular dish in Greece, particularly in Athens. It is grilled pork (sirloin cut or lean pork meat) on a stick, usually served with warm pita bread and minced potatoes and green veggies.

2. Langos

If you are looking for the perfect heavy midday snack, this Hungarian street food is your best bet. The cooking method is almost similar to the iconic French toast, but it is more deep-fried, which makes the bread crispier. Often served with pepperoni, garlic butter, sour cream and grated cheese, this is a good combination for your favourite cup of coffee.

3. Rupjmaize

Latvians have their own version of rupjmaize with their signature dark rye bread. You will often see this served with caraway or also known as Persian cumin. In Latvia, they want it plain, making you savour its original flavour.

You can ask for some dip if you want to add more taste to it. Sklandrausis is a must-try. This is a freshly baked pie made from rye dough filled with potato and carrots. It has this distinct sweet flavour that matches the rye bread.

4. Sarma

Whether you are having breakfast or lunch, if you are looking for something heavy to get you going for the rest of the day, this Romanian version of Sarma is definitely one for the books. In one bite, you can taste the smoky-flavoured meat.

Sarma is a combination of pork and beef, although some restaurants may give you an option. It is often served with caramelised onions, rice and special sour cabbage sidings. Today, many people have this as their post workout meal since it is loaded with protein.

5. Paella

Paella with musselsThis Spanish dish has become iconic all over the world. In fact, different countries have their own version of Paella, and it is always one of the main dishes during festivities and other special occasions. While many people have become used to seafood paella, the original Valencian dish only uses farm fruits.

Some of the main meat ingredients include chicken, rabbit and snails. They also add runner beans, artichokes, tomato and rosemary—all cooked in butter and spiced with paprika and saffron.

6. Neapolitan Pizza

This thin-crust Italian pizza has also become popular across the globe. Aside from the fact that everybody loves pizza, this dish only uses fresh and organic ingredients from the flour all the way to its toppings and even the cooking method, which involves the use of either a brick-type oven or a domed oven.

These are just some of the popular European foods you should try. Start looking for restaurants serving authentic European dishes. Ask your family or friends for recommendations. Read online reviews about the food they serve.

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