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Simple Steps to Improve Circulation From Head to Toe

Proper blood circulation is vital for each of us because blood is the courier of nutrients and oxygen to all our body parts. But a number of factors hinder our blood from reaching its destination with ease. These include plaque buildup in our arteries, more commonly called atherosclerosis, nerve due to diabetes, or blood clots.

Fortunately, we can avoid these if we know how to keep our blood flowing. What’s more, enhancing blood circulation does not need to be too difficult. Here are the things you can do:


If you don’t have enough time for a full-blown facial massage, don’t worry. The motions you do from cleansing to moisturizing your face should help. When you cleanse your face with that facial wash from an online shopping site, you do those gentle circular motions to get rid of grime and dirt. Applying toner and moisturizers using upward strokes help as well.

Other ways to improve circulation in the face is through exercising, particularly yoga, drinking plenty of water, cutting down on alcohol use, quitting smoking, and improving your diet.


Whether you want to increase hair thickness or get rid of tension headache, improving blood circulation in your scalp is beneficial. Mechanotherapy or scalp massage is a good way to keep blood circulating throughout your scalp and your entire body.

Scalp massage may be done using a device or via the manual method. According to a study, people who received scalp massages for 24 weeks had better hair growth than those who didn’t. This result was attributed partly to the improved blood circulation and softening of the scalp.


Our hands are among the most used parts of our body, so it’s only proper to make sure they get enough blood supply. To do so, we should have an exercise regimen. This regimen starts with stretching your arms in front and then shaking them until you can feel the blood flowing. Clench your hands for about ten seconds, and then open them. Repeat clenching and releasing them a few times. You may also include a squeeze ball in the routine.


Improving circulation on the feet involves the right diet and exercise. Foods that you should incorporate in your meals include cayenne, garlic, ginger, herbal teas, and anything that’s rich in vitamin-C. The ones you should avoid are coffee and other caffeinated drinks because they constrict the blood vessels.

Regarding body movements, avoid crossing your legs as it hinders circulation and promotes spider veins. Skin brushing using a bristle brush also helps boost blood flow. Lastly, you should exercise regularly.

The rest of the body

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Improving the blood flow to the rest of the body is no different from the ones mentioned above. You also need to eat the right food, have an exercise routine, and take supplements, if possible.

The foods, specifically herbs, known to enhance blood circulation, are cayenne, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, thyme, and hawthorn. As for the vitamins, vitamin E, iron, and Vitamin B are helpful. Vitamin E is usually found in oils, such as sunflower oil and hazelnut oil. Iron-rich foods include leafy vegetables and red meat. B vitamins are found in spinach and kale.

Blood delivers all the nutrients and oxygen every cell in our body needs; therefore, it is only proper that it goes in and out of your heart unhindered. To make sure it does, stay active, eat the right food, and get rid of the bad habits that do more harm than good.

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