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Simple Gestures of Appreciation With an Impact on Subordinates

When you become an owner of a business or are placed in a managerial position, there are a number of expectations and responsibilities placed on you. One of these is taking care of the people who work under you. After all, without them, your group and company wouldn’t be able to maximize their productivity. Keeping them motivated by showing your appreciation is an important part of it and, surprisingly, you don’t have to spend as much as you first thought. The following are simple but potentially effective tokens that you can provide your people without going over your budget and burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Give them a gift.

Sometimes, even the smallest surprises are the best. Giving your hardworking people gifts that they didn’t expect can be what will bring them a boost to their productivity. The best part of it is that it can be anything, as long as they’ll be able to appreciate and use it. For example, you can buy some snacks that they can nibble on during the workday or food that they won’t have to go to the supermarket. You can even buy hampers online from within the UK if you’re too busy to go out and shop for something yourself.

2. Buy tickets or gift certificates.

Who can resist a free ticket to a concert or event? Who wouldn’t want a chance to reduce the amount that they have to pay for purchases? If you’re thinking of giving your people a token of your appreciation for their hard work, then you might want to consider tickets and gift certificates. The former can give them a chance to relax without worries while the latter can help them buy items that they may need even when they lack in money. Reducing their financial burden can greatly assist them in their everyday life. Who knows, it might just be what they needed.

3. Have a meal together.

team lunch in a high end restaurantHave you ever been invited by a friend to go and eat somewhere with them? If so, the chances are that you’ve felt special. Your team members can feel the same when you invite and treat them to a good meal. It’s also a great opportunity for you to know more about each other and also relax and let loose, even for a short while. This is especially effective with a small team or company, so if you’re part of one, you may consider doing this so you can strengthen your relationship with each other as workmates and people.

Raising your people’s morale doesn’t have to be done in an overly extravagant way or make a large dent in your budget. You can start with these suggestions then come up with more ideas, either through asking your staff about it or searching through various resources, including the internet. You’ll be surprised at how many possibilities there are as well as how much you can impact others with simple gestures of appreciation. No matter how small or large they are, as long as you mean it, they will make a difference.

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