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Crucial Ways to Practice Good Personal Hygiene

It goes without saying that to keep ourselves healthy and in good condition for our daily tasks, we first have to keep ourselves clean. Throughout much of our lives, we have been taught that personal hygiene is one of the key ways to keep ourselves in good shape. For example, have you ever felt more comfortable and cozy right after taking a well-deserved shower after a long day at work? This is partly because the body tends to function better when we keep it clean.

But even though we’ve been trained that self-care should be an important part of our daily habits, there are still many individuals who don’t practice good personal hygiene. In fact, a recent study has suggested that around 26% of Americans lack basic knowledge on personal hygiene. Additionally, more than a third of the United States’ population is also actively avoiding places where hygiene might be a concern. As we are living in tumultuous times, one can’t place too much emphasis on their hygiene.

Other than making us feel good, what makes personal hygiene important, anyway? What are some ways to practice good personal hygiene? Here’s what you need to know.

What Makes Hygiene Important?

Before we discuss the crucial parts of maintaining good personal hygiene, we first have to know why hygiene is important in the first place. Contrary to what most people think, hygiene isn’t just something people do to “look good.” Proper hygiene is important in maintaining our bodies, and it will have a considerable impact on our health.

Bathing is essential since this can keep one of the largest organs in our body healthy: our skin. Our skin is known for being the first (and last) line of defense that our body has against the natural elements. Whether it’s microbes, harmful chemicals, allergens, and physical injuries, our skin will usually protect us and take the brunt of the damage from external factors.

However, our skin is also known for collecting sweat, oil, and dirt. This can make it a prime area where microbes can grow and proliferate. If these microbes are left unattended, this could lead to infections that can cause health complications.

To counter this, showering and properly bathing every part of your body while rinsing with warm water can help impede the growth of these microbes and viral particles.

But there’s more to having good personal hygiene than bathing. Here are some other things you need to consider.


Cleaning Your Clothes Is Paramount

Although cleaning your body is crucial, it’s also important to consider that clothes will also significantly influence personal hygiene. Let’s face it: wearing the same shirt for days can give it a bad smell, and this could also increase the likelihood of contracting some diseases.

It’s also important to consider the fact that allergens and disease-causing microbes can also stay and proliferate in certain types of fabric. While this might seem like a mild annoyance to clean your clothes, it’s still necessary for good personal hygiene. In these trying times, keeping clothes clean is paramount to safety. Some studies have suggested that virulent particles, such as COVID-19, can stay on surfaces for days.

Although there isn’t much research on how long these particles can stay on the fabric, we need to stay on the safe side of things by ensuring that you’re wearing clean clothes, especially right after you’ve left your home for a crowded place. Sometimes, the process of cleaning clothes can be time consuming. However, if you don’t have the time and energy to be cleaning clothes all day, you won’t have to worry since there are professional same-day laundry services that can ensure that your clothes are properly cleaned and tidy. After all, nothing is as satisfying as putting on new clothes after a well-earned shower.

Dental Hygiene Is Key

Last but not least, dental hygiene is known for being an integral part of our personal hygiene. There’s nothing that makes someone look more attractive than a clean and white smile. This is why brushing our teeth and flossing can keep the microbes in our mouth from causing infections to our teeth.

Our mouth is known for being moist and is generally known for being a prime environment for microorganisms to grow if left unattended. This means that bacterial plaque can lead to gum disease. If this is the case, having a daily routine of brushing your teeth and getting them checked by dental professionals can have a lasting impact.

Focusing on your good personal hygiene might seem like one of the most basic tasks that you can do daily. However, it’s still known for being one of the most important ways to keep your body in a functional condition. It’s also important to remember that good personal hygiene is more than just cleaning your body. It’s also about keeping your environment clean and livable.

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