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According to Your Personality: Picking a Car Based on Your Liking

When we choose a car, we often decide based on our budget, favorite color, the purpose it will serve, and other pertinent factors. However, car owners and drivers also need to know that it’s okay to choose according to their personality. Aside from its function, which is to help bring us places, our cars can also be an extension of who we are—something that can help express our identity and things we hold dear.

If you want to factor in your personality in your choice of a car make and model, here are some pointers for finding the best one according to your unique set of traits, characteristics, and context.

Consider if you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert

Extroversion and introversion are psychological types primarily popularized by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst. He said that extroverts gain more and direct their energy outwards towards other people. In contrast, introverts gain more and focus their own energy inwards. That means they thrive more on thoughtful and solitary activities. On the other hand, being an ambivert is a more modern type that suggests that a portion of people can be both introverted and extroverted.

Here are some examples of cars you can consider according to your psychological type:

  • If you are an extrovert, you might want to choose a vehicle that can help you accommodate more people, like a bigger van or a truck. If you genuinely want to stand out, you can also opt for a non-traditional car for personal use. This can be a new auto Ram for sale, which is often known as a commercial vehicle. They might be associated with being a car for businesses, but they can help you drive around as many of your friends and family as possible.
  • Suppose you are an introvert who wants an excuse to be alone, especially when you’re driving. Why not go for a sports car that can only carry two people? You would have a reason not to do carpooling with your workmates, and you will have some quiet during your travels, too.
  • A five-seat sedan brings the perfect balance, so an ambivert might have an excuse not to have too many people around but still have enough people to talk to while going on a road trip.

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Abide by color psychology

Color psychology is a tool that has been used by interior designers, graphic designers, and all other kinds of designers and artists since time immemorial. It is the practice and discipline of studying specific hues, colors, shades, and tones to determine human behavior. It is also the study of how particular colors affect our moods, behaviors, and even thoughts.

If you want to choose a car according to your personality, studying color psychology can be an excellent place to start. Here are some basic color psychology principles you can take into account as you make your choice:

  • Red is often associated with somebody who does not mind being a bit flashy and getting attention but still likes to be elegant and traditional. Red is the color of passion and energy, which means it is perfect for drivers who are more fun, impulsive, outgoing, aggressive, and ambitious.
  • When we think of the color gray, we often think of reliability, comfort, and maturity, making it the perfect color for drivers with those specific characteristics. People who choose or like the color gray often don’t mind blending into the background, and they might even hate being the center of attention or trying to show off. But they can be incredibly steady, believing that slow and steady wins the race, rather than living with too much enthusiasm and no wisdom. If you are someone who loves comfort, is always careful, easy to compromise with, and can be shy, gray might be the color for you. Note, however, that gray is different from silver. So make sure to ask your car salesman again if the vehicle you’re looking at is gray because it can be easily mistaken for silver.
  • Another example is black, which is known for being timeless. If you have a sense of being dignified and a love for luxury, if you like being in control and being perceived as sophisticated, powerful, and striking, then a black car might be for you.

Having a car is not just a necessity; it can also bring our lives so much fun and joy. Once you’ve weeded out the more essential factors, consider choosing a vehicle according to your personality as well. If you want to have the car for a long time, make sure it’s something you can enjoy as well.

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