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Personal Healing: Places That Relieve the Body and Soul

Wellness tourism is expected to rise post-pandemic. The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic disrupted one activity that everybody longs for: traveling. That feeling of excitement you can get from seeing new sights and experiencing new cultures was canceled.

After almost a year of being cooped up, many people will probably want to satisfy their wanderlust. The pandemic presented a lot of stress and anxiety throughout the year. Now, it’s not surprising why people aim to visit places that are good for both the body and the soul.

Into the Blue

The development of a vaccine has prompted a reignited ambition to see the world again. Of course, travel restrictions are still in place. However, these restrictions are no longer as strict compared to how they were at the height of the pandemic.

Aside from just looking for fun places to visit, people are also looking to recharge their mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. Sacred sites, such as those for Mormon trips, are expected to draw more tourists in the coming years.

If you’re looking for similar places, areas that fall into the “Blue Zone” are worth considering. These places are home to some of the oldest and healthiest people in the world. You might even pick up some lifestyle habits that will promote longevity and wholesome healing while you’re there.

Okinawan Community

In Japanese culture, family and community are given special priority. Okinawans, in particular, have a very tight-knit social circle known as “moai.” This small group of people provides ample support during the best and worst experiences life has to offer.

Many women in Okinawa surpass the age of 100. With this kind of culture, it’s easy to understand why. Having a strong support group relieves people of the many mental strains that life brings. They also help to emphasize healthy habits. You get all the good and none of the bad.

Ikarian Habits

Ikaria is an island in Greece that promotes late bedtimes. This isn’t particularly a bad habit since they can balance it out with daily naps. They also live off of the food that the Mediterranean has to offer. Their diet has lots of beans, whole grains, potatoes, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables.

At least one in three Ikarians can live comfortably into their 90s. Their older adults usually don’t suffer from chronic diseases like dementia. They also have a specific sense of pride when it comes to their island. This leads them to foster a strong sense of community.

Sardinian Genes

The locals of Sardinia, Italy rely heavily on plant-based nutrition for their diets. Familial relationships are extremely devoted, giving them a solid social support group. Parents receive loving care from their children as they age. Daily physical chores, like five-mile walks, also factor into their healthy lifestyle.

Sardinia has the highest number of males who live up to 100 years old. The biggest determinant of their long lives is also due to the M26 marker. This is a rare genetic marker that promotes longevity. It’s not as prevalent in other parts of the world.

Nicoyan Diet


Costa Rican people also have a diet that is plant-based and full of nutrients. Their main sources of calories usually come from beans, squash, corn, and tropical fruits. Couple this daily intake of food with lots of time outdoors, and your body will surely age well.

Nicoyans have no trouble getting past 90 years old. By this time, their bodies remain nourished and strong. More than that, their mental and spiritual well-being remain intact as well. This is because they live their lives guided by a plan and purpose, even despite their old age.

Loma Linda Beliefs

The only Blue Zone in the United States can be found in Loma Linda, California. This area serves as a refuge for many Seventh-Day Adventists. They foster a culture that emphasizes community and following shared principles.

Adventists in Loma Linda can live at least 10 years longer than other Americans. They make an effort to refrain from eating meat. Instead, they incorporate plenty of plants, whole grains, and nuts into their diet. They are also devoted to observing the Sabbath, giving them a day for rest and rejuvenation.

Purposeful Travel

Tourism in the post-pandemic world will definitely be dominated by the conscious traveler. A lot of your old travel habits will undergo drastic changes. There will be more demand for open spaces and human connections than solo flights and isolated hotels.

People will engage more with local communities while keeping their footprints positive and minimal. Traveling for the sole purpose of getting more likes on social media will be a thing of the past. Soon enough, you’ll be longing for places that will give a certain sense of fulfillment and renewed soul. These places should be at the top of your list.

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