Need some help overcoming your dental phobia? 5 ways modern dentistry can help!

Does the thought of attending a dental check-up send you into a panic?

While dental phobias can affect up to 3 out of 4 dental patients, many of those who worry about their next trip to the dental chair believe they are alone.

Luckily, modern dental practitioners are fully aware of dental phobias and, indeed, many dental practices have put in additional measures to help all of their nervous patients. The link between lecturing patients and poor dental attendance has now been recognised and so, dental surgeries are more compassionate and accommodating towards those with anxieties.

But how? If you are terrified at the mere thought of walking into a dental surgery, how on earth are the dental team going to make you feel more at ease? Read on to discover some of the most commonly used techniques to calm nerves in the dental chair.


As is the way with most things in life, communication is key. Your dentist in Edinburgh will take the time to listen to your fears and concerns, and work on a system to keep you feeling in control at all times.

This may involve scheduling regular breaks during treatments, working on hand signals to indicate that you are concerned or even letting you decide which order you want your check-up to go in.


If you are like many dental patients, the sound of the drill is the source of your anxieties.

In this instance, your dentist from Edinburgh may be able to offer you music to listen to, or an audiobook, which will help distract you from the sounds of the surgery.

Some dental surgeries even provide television to their patients, so you can watch the news or your favourite TV show while your dental team works on your teeth.

Online help

For those who are extremely phobic about their dentist near Edinburgh, some dental surgeries are able to offer online support.

Many dental practices have a website and run a blog, to help nervous patients read about how to manage their concerns in the dental chair. Some even run online lectures and e-courses, to help you get your anxiety under control before you even book the appointment; these are effective too, as over 94% of nervous patients in one study reported feeling more able to handle a check-up after participating in some form of online support.

Dental procedure


Need a bit more help?

Your dental team should be able to offer you either nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or intravenous (IV) sedation to help you relax in the dental chair; you will have no recollection of the procedure once completed. However, with IV sedation, it is recommended that you bring along a friend or family member to take you home safely.


For the most nervous of patients, anaesthetic can be helpful.

Usually conducted in a hospital near to your dental surgery, this will knock you out completely, and afterwards, you will need to be escorted home and be closely monitored by a friend or family member.

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