Easy tips for modern dental websites

Dental websites provide the most important method of attracting new patients to your dental practice since the firm establishment of the World Wide Web. Word of mouth referrals have been replaced by Google ratings and reviews. Nearly all prospective patients will look for a website to find out more about you before they decide to book an appointment. It is important that when they do find you they come across a modern, user-friendly, highly attractive website. It should be filled with plenty of information on the different treatments and procedures that are available and illustrate why it is best to have them carried out at your practice and not the practices of your competitors.

Mobile-responsive website

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Dental websites need to be easy to navigate and all information should be quick and simple to find. Your website needs to be responsive, which means that it needs to render properly whether someone is looking at your website on their mobile phone, camera, tablet, desktop or laptop. Surveys show that 60% of patients are carrying out local searches on their smartphone. Therefore, it needs to be easy to navigate your website on a mobile phone without having to zoom in to read the information that you have to offer or keep opening new screens to move from tab to tab. If your website is too difficult to access on a mobile phone then it is more than likely that you will lose that prospective patient to one of the other dental practices that have a mobile responsive website. Speak to your digital marketing team and make sure that your website is mobile responsive and that it can be easily accessed on all devices.

Personalisation and familiarisation

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A picture speaks a thousand words. You need to make sure that your website includes plenty of pictures of you and the people on your team smiling happily. This is so that prospective patients realise that you are friendly and approachable and can familiarise themselves with you to help settle their nerves before they visit you in person. When a website visitor lands on your website you have between 10 and 20 seconds to grab their attention and bold, creative images are a great way to do this. Your pictures should encourage website visitors to continue scrolling through the website to find out more about you and what you have to offer. By including a few of your top reviews you can grab their attention further. Good reviews and ratings help reassure prospective patients that they will receive quality dental care and fantastic customer service with you. You can also include short videos by yourself and other members of your team, letting patients know why your dental practice is different and why they should choose you to address their dental needs.

Speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team that specialise in creating highly personalised dental websites. Make sure that you have a modern, responsive website that is attracting quality attention and encouraging prospective patients to choose you to address their dental needs rather than the other dental practices in your area.

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