Looking Back on Last Years’ Travels

A lot of travel plans have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the whole world has been subject to lockdown and quarantine, simply going out to the mall has become a hazard. Countries have closed airports and seaports and put a hold on receiving tourists.

Because of this, people are left to reminisce about the travels that they had from years ago. They’re stuck with pictures, videos, and #throwback. If anything, one may find themselves reflecting on the significance of taking photos.

With the presence of technology, taking pictures has become easier than ever. You can have a camera in your pocket as long as you have a smartphone with you. There are even apps that replicate film cameras, add filters, and stickers to customize more images. Disposable cameras are coming back as trends, and Polaroids or any technology that instantly prints photos have never been out of style.

While you’re feeling sentimental, here are ways to treasure those lovely travel memories:

Compile pictures in a physical photo album

Uploading pictures on the internet may seem convenient, but things tend to get buried on social media. When you only store files on the computer, a single mistake can wipe out your memories. A photo album can prevent these. It’s easy to access and can last forever with proper storage. It’s also fun to flip pages and point on photographed faces when you show them to other people.

Keep a travel journal

Travel journal

In a travel journal, you can be more creative and store more souvenirs. This is great for keeping little things, such as tickets, postcards, and leaves, that you want to keep from the trip. While pictures speak a thousand words, writing about your trip adds more personality to the journal. What did you do? What did you see? What did you discover? Perhaps, your trip allowed some self-reflection and soul searching. The travel journal helps you keep track of discoveries—big or small.

Getting the most out of the traveling experience

When you’re finally allowed to travel again, it’s important to document it as much as you can. Having it in your memories is good, but sometimes, it can’t suffice. Besides, human memory cannot be fully trusted. Therefore, taking videos and pictures should be part of traveling.

Take pictures for yourself

The presence of social media has tolerated a picture-perfect culture that people tend to put in so much effort to look good on Instagram or Facebook. Because of this, taking “instagrammable” pictures may take up so much time that it can suck out the fun.

Consider documenting your travel without the aesthetics in mind. Capture the good and the ugly. A picture in a luxury car service looks fabulous and amazes people. However, the moments that matter may be a photograph of you and your friends acting silly and unapologetically having fun.

Looking back at the world before the coronavirus pandemic may be on the way to cope with the anxiety. For some, traveling is the hope they hold on to.

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