Lip Fillers: Truths Versus Myths Revealed

Today the topic of body modification through cosmetic surgery is not a new thing. More individuals appreciate the different techniques that technology makes it possible. That way, one can modify a part of their body that they desire.


However, even with the popularity of cosmetic procedures, some people have the wrong information about some methods. Getting the right information about how a cosmetic procedure works and what to expect from one is the first step to getting the procedure right.


Lip fillers, for instance, are a great invention in the cosmetic world. These fillers work to make one’s lips look a lot fuller and as a result, enhance other features on the face. Certain myths around getting lip fillers in Salt Lake City may stand in the way of on desiring to get the procedure. Here are myths concerning lip fillers that you should not believe:


The Final Look is Unnatural

Woman lying down to get lip fillers

As cosmetic procedures have become common, not everyone appreciates what they could offer. Therefore, people who opt to get cosmetic procedures are often criticized. This raises the concern of whether the change will be noticeable after one gets lip fillers.

Whether the final result after getting lip fillers will be visible depends on the cosmetic surgeon, their technique of injection, and amount of product they inject. Certified cosmetic surgeons are proficient in their practice and will guarantee a natural final look.


The Pain is Too Much

First, lip fillers are a non-invasive form of treatment. The procedure starts with numbing of the lips so you will not feel any pain. During the cosmetic procedure, the cosmetic surgeon administers a few painless injections. After your lips feel numb, you will not experience any form of pain. You may notice a feeling of small pinches on the lips which will not last for long.


There is no Reversal Procedure

When getting a cosmetic procedure, very few candidates go with the mind that a certain procedure will not work for them. However, some candidates may give second thoughts about their appearance after getting the fillers.


Is there a way to reverse the procedure? Definitely. If the lip fillers you chose use hyaluronic acid, then the cosmetic surgeon can inject hyaluronidase enzyme into your lips. This enzyme dissolves the lip filler, and your lips revert to normalcy.


Lips Tend to Stretch with Continuous Use

The main component in lip fillers is hyaluronic acid. The human body has a natural form of this component. What that means is that once you inject the component in your lips, your body will increase the production of collagen.


As the filler dissolves, it leaves some residue which will help thicken the lips and prevent the appearance of fine lines.

The rise in popularity of cosmetic work does not mean that everyone going for the procedure has the right information about the procedure.


Woman receiving a lip injection

Also, there are some ‘specialists’ offering the procedures without the right training and tools. Misinformation about getting lip fillers in Salt Lake City and hiring the wrong cosmetic surgeon will frustrate your results after getting lip fillers. The right specialist will see that you get the anticipated results from the cosmetic procedure.

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