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Is Holistic Living Right For You?

We live such hectic, fast-paced lives that we forget to pause and disconnect from everything, and reconnect with ourselves in turn. The bustle of life has completely ensnared us and led us away from what’s truly important, which is our health, from physical to emotional.

If the pandemic didn’t happen, we would probably still go on with our robotic lives. Of course, there is no positive side at all in this disastrous pandemic, but its effects, particularly the home quarantines, grounded us, and reminded us that life is precious more than anything. Many people grew closer to their families these past nine months and gained time for taking care of their health.

Such are some benefits you’ll get from a holistic lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “holistic” from educational media, describing a style of teaching that emphasizes the whole growth of a learner, instead of just specific parts of their human experience. A student in a holistic school doesn’t just learn math and science, but also picks up lessons from social interactions, their hobbies, and strong areas.

Simply put, holistic education connects the learning environment to a student’s mind, body, and soul. Similarly, in a holistic lifestyle, you’ll also create a balance between your external environment and physical being.

If such an enriching lifestyle intrigues you, keep reading to find out if you’re ready to adopt it.

What is Holistic Living?

When you Google holistic or holistic living, you’d see definitions of it in philosophy and medicine. In the former, holistic is the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected, whereas, in medicine, it refers to the treatment of the whole person, not just their disease or symptoms.

So when you go to a holistic clinic, the doctor won’t just ask you about your symptoms, as a typical doctor in a hospital would. Instead, they’d ask about your daily routine, what you eat, and perhaps even how you think. That’s because holistic treatment considers the whole world around you, not only the specific factors that made you sick.

As a lifestyle, people commonly think of holistic as the use of crystals, tarot cards, meditation, and other psyche-related activities in daily life. But while those things do allow you to center yourself, holistic living explores more than that. It lets you embrace and appreciate the power of the natural world. While others turn to liquor to soothe their sorrows, you turn to silent retreats. And while others refuse to fix their attitudes that strain their relationships, you do the opposite and sustain your relationships with organic communications.

How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle

If you’re down to all of these, then you’re ready to shift to a holistic lifestyle:

  • Have An Open and Airy Home

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An apartment with a restricted space and heaps of clutter cannot support a holistic lifestyle. You don’t need to move out right away, but at least start searching for open and airy houses for sale in tranquil areas now. Set your sights on houses built with eco-friendly and non-synthetic materials. These key elements will contribute to your holistic living.

  • Conserve Water and Energy

Because a holistic lifestyle utilizes the natural world, you don’t need heaps of light fixtures and rain showers. Your home should have large windows to allow fresh air and sunlight in. You can use a tub, because you may save more water from it than showering for hours.

  • Recycle

A holistic lifestyle also means shopping less, so don’t throw away any items that still appear useful. Store single-use plastics in designated storage, and bring a few each time you go to the grocery store.

  • Make Healthy Food Choices


Instead of buying your food from mega manufacturers, consider local farms, grocers, or growing your own produce. These sources would provide organic food, which is healthier, and of course, all-natural. Plus, you can support small farmers and business owners.

  • Sustain Positive Relationships

A holistic lifestyle doesn’t have a place for toxic relationships. Cut out the people from your life who only drag you down. Focus only on your positive relationships, and nurture them with love, care, and communication.

  • Be Mindful

Being mindful means enjoying every moment. When you’re hanging out with friends or with a partner, put down your phone and give them your undivided attention. The joy in life is in the little things in the present, not the future or the past.

  • Care For Yourself

Last but not the least, holistic living prioritizes natural forms of self-care. Explore aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, or yoga to de-stress, instead of drinking or partying.

Those are just the starter points for shifting to a holistic lifestyle. If you’ve successfully accomplished all of the above, then you’re definitely ready to take on more life-changing holistic habits and practices.

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