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How You Can Improve Your Running Time

You may have been running for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to beat your running time or strengthen your muscles and improve your stamina. Usain Bolt makes running looks easy, which is why many thought that a simple jog every day will improve their stance and running time. You’re in for a treat, though, because running, like all sports, takes time and patience and sacrifice.

Using a laser radar gun, you can monitor your speed and compare it with others or your own record. As a runner, you always want to improve your time and prove that you’re one of the best in what you do. Here are some easy and basic tips on how to improve your running time:

Run More Often

Running every day doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll improve your running time. What you must do is to run two to three times a week but increase the distance and the intensity of the run. Instead of working out, opt for running. Remember, though, that you need at least one day of rest a week to help recalibrate your brain and calm your aching muscles.

Strengthen Your Muscles

The reason you are not reaching your running-time goals is that your muscles are not strong enough to carry on the intensity of the run. Make sure that you are addressing the muscle imbalances that are a result of inefficient movements, workouts, and practices. While you can do typical exercises for runners such as squats and lunges, you should also focus on simple exercises such as the clam that will activate an inactive muscle. Some of the standard exercises you can do for your muscular strength are planks, the bridge, push-ups, and row with resistance tube or weight.

Expect Discomfort

The problem with runners is that they are afraid of the discomfort they feel while and after running. However, one of the most critical things that you should do to run faster is to pick up the pace. When you run faster and more intensely, you will feel your muscles burning and your heart racing. You will probably be out of breath. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, think of it as an investment. You will slowly get used to the feeling, and sooner than later, it will be negligible.

Nail a Good Running Form

Sometimes, even expert runners still have difficulty perfecting the correct running form. Make it a point to practice the perfect form so that you will get used to it. Stand straight so that your upper body is tall, though make sure it’s relaxed and not stiff. You need to strike the ground with your mid-foot landing under your hip while your arms are swinging back and forth at a low 90-degree angle.

Run on a Treadmill

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Runners prefer open roads, but there is nothing wrong with using the treadmill, too, for improving your stance, running form, and running time. You can even structure the treadmill for hill runs in case you can’t find a slope near where you practice.

The key to beating your own running time is to practice, practice, practice. You can’t expect to improve your running when you haven’t done anything to increase the intensity of your workouts. Keep your eyes on the goal and work hard; you should be running faster in no time.

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