How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Day of Work

Congratulations! You landed your first job. You thought the examinations and one-on-one interviews were nerve-wracking enough. Now comes the most exciting yet scariest day in your budding career: your first day at work.

Everyone knows that you should never be late on your first day and that you should dress like you mean business. Here’s how to make your first day less stressful and more productive:

1. Smile.

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2. Be pleasant.

Show an enthusiastic and pleasant attitude. A positive attitude can take you places and can make a lasting impression with the people you will be working with for years. Leave your problems at home and let your excitement for your new job shine through.

3. Ask questions.

No one expects you to learn and remember everything on your first day. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need one. Ask questions when you are not sure. It’s better to spend 30 minutes asking and clarifying than having to redo a task for hours.

Be open to your supervisor about your concerns. They are there to guide and support you.

4. Get to know your co-workers.

You will be working with these people for years. No matter how big or small, they will surely have some influence on your success and your contentment at work.

Get to know the people you want to associate with. The right crowd can help you develop as you move up. Office politics can never be avoided, and it is necessary to be able to determine how it works on day one. Ignoring it might not work for your benefit. Nurture critical working relationships that can help you develop professionally and personally.

The best opportunities to get to know your co-workers are during lunchtime and coffee breaks. Join a few of your co-workers in the break room. Don’t be shy and reach out and introduce yourself. If your co-workers invite you to have lunch with them, go. If they invite you for a few drinks and a quick bite after work, say yes.

5. Take notes.

You will be bombarded with new information and instructions. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and get confused at times. Take notes of office rules and regulations and how the organization works as a whole. Be sure to attend your orientation seminars and study your onboarding manual. It will align you with your new job faster, and it will reflect your eagerness for your new career.

6. Listen and observe.

During your first day at work, listen, and observe how things work. Get a feel of the working culture and environment. Listen and pay attention to how decisions are made. Listen to your boss talk about his targets and goals for the company. When you listen and observe, you get to see extraordinary things that can’t be found in any onboarding manual.

7. Keep your phone away.

on the phone

Unless it’s for work matters, it’s best to keep your smartphone away. You need to be wholly present at work. You do not want to be seen online in your social media accounts during office hours.

8. Do not be in a hurry to go home.

If your workday ends at five, do not be at the door by 4:59 PM. Linger for a while and tick off a few items from your to-do list. Do you still have some paperwork and documents to submit to HR? Now’s the perfect time to finish them. Not being the first in line to the exit shows that you are not just in the office for the money; you are there to do your job and help the company grow.

9. Relax and recharge.

Another congratulatory note is on the way! You did a great job on your first day at work. You might look back and remember some things that you bungled up during the day. It’s best not to dwell on them and move on. You deserve a pat in the back. Kick-off those working shoes, take a hot shower, and have a relaxing sleep.

The first day at work will be one of those days that you will never forget. Enjoy, meet new friends, and create memories that you will cherish throughout your career life. Remember, it is the start of a beautiful journey.

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