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Give Your Smile The Love It Deserves, Through The Help Of An Expert Dentist

Smile like you mean it

Your smile, and specifically your teeth, are one of the most important social assets that you possess and something which – if cared for – can improve your life in more ways than you may have first considered.

Similarly, if you don’t care for your teeth then it can have the reverse effect and impede on your life, both in a social and professional context, which is why getting care from a reputable dentist Stevenage is so vitally essential.

Although the number of people seeking out dental treatments has consistently improved in recent years, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a number of people to avoid getting regular dental treatment.

This has then resulted in many people feeling their dental health has suffered over the last few years, which is why dental practices across the nation are urging those who feel this way to return to the dentist’s chair and let them help get their smiles back on track.

Why seek out dental care?

For the vast majority of people, the importance of regular and consistent dental maintenance has been drilled into them from an early age. Practices such as brushing our teeth twice daily are, for most, second nature.

However, one aspect of our dental health which is often overlooked is the problem faced by those who have crooked or badly shaped teeth. When the teeth within your mouth are out of place, there are far more pockets and small gaps where plaque and food particles can become lodged.

Over time, these can develop into plaque or tartar, and can even develop into an infection that can spread to the tooth root or gum and cause either gingivitis or periodontal disease.

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This is why those who have crooked teeth should always try, not only to remember to regularly brush and floss, but also to seek out dental care and examinations on a regular basis, to monitor their oral health and avoid plaque or bacteria building up and becoming a more serious problem.

Another reason that people should seek out regular dental care, regardless of the straightness of their teeth, is to have their oral health assessed and treated by dental hygienists.

Unlike cosmetic dentistry, which is primarily aimed at treating how a patient’s teeth look, a dental hygienist’s services are entirely centred around making sure a patient’s teeth are fit and healthy.

They achieve this goal through a number of methods which include simple advice on proper brushing techniques, as well as more complex deep-cleaning procedures.

What is a scale and polish?

As mentioned, a dental hygienist carries out a deep-cleaning procedure, which is known as a scale and polish.

This is a two-stage process whereby initially they use a tool called an ultrasound scraper to scrape away any build-ups of tartar, plaque and bacteria all throughout a patient’s mouth. This is highly effective in getting rid of any potentially harmful bacteria before they can develop further.

Once this stage is complete, the hygienist will then commonly use dental polishing equipment to clean and buffer all individual teeth, removing any residual plaque or particles, and leaving their patients’ smiles visibly brighter and healthier looking.

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