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Dental Checks Are A Good Long-term Investment For Your Health

Far too many fail to consider oral health as a worthy investment of both time and money. And yet the costs of poor oral health can be dire and far-reaching. It is not far off the mark to link good oral health with a desirable quality of life. Yet the costs related to dental care continue to prove a constricting barrier for many, preventing them from seeking proper treatments and procedures to restore oral health. Figures from a recent Oral Health Tracker report card show that more than two million people in Australia did not seek required professional dental help due to affordability,

We require our teeth to perform a myriad of functions including grinding down food for better digestion, speaking clearly, supporting face structure, and giving us a warm and winning smile. And the positive repercussions of all these functions extend to influence all other areas of life. We need to eat to sustain body function. We need clear speech to communicate with others. A good facial appearance including desirable dental aesthetics helps us gain confidence to engage with others and influences others to form positive perceptions about ourselves. Make a good first impression and this can open the door of opportunity to a rewarding life. This is the reason why those who recognise the value of oral health are turning to dental care at a Coorparoo family dental, from cosmetic dental procedures, to wearing orthodontic devices, to seeking preventive dental measures to enhance the look and safeguard the health of their smiles.

Payoffs of good oral health

The returns on investing in the look of a smile are obvious. Improving a smile can work wonders for gaining employment and business opportunities, as well as making more friends. The returns on investing in the health of a smile (the need to maintain oral hygiene) follow close behind. Good oral hygiene helps the body in a diverse number of ways.

Benefits heart health

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Studies have shown a strong relation between gum disease and cardiovascular complications. This is because the bad oral bacteria that are responsible for gum disease can find their way into the bloodstream through which they reach life-giving organs, such as the heart and lungs. Treating gum disease with professional dental care can prevent complications from occurring.

Benefits brain health

Bad oral bacteria in the bloodstream also have the potential to affect nerve cells in the brain where they can influence memory loss and mental illness such as Alzheimer’s.

Reduced risk of complications in pregnancy

Untreated gum disease can have dire consequences for women who are pregnant, two of which are preterm births and underweight newborns.

Reduced risk of developing life-threatening diseases such as diabetes

Another risk that opens up with untreated gum disease is the possibility of diabetes. Gum disease has long associations with causing inflammation in the body. Inflammation impedes the body from using insulin (the hormone responsible for managing blood sugar levels in the body) effectively, thus heightening the risk of diabetes.

Routine dental check-ups at a dental clinic help make all of the above pay-offs possible. If an oral health issue is detected, treating the cause as early as possible will mean less of an expense in the future.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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