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Forever Young: Inexpensive Ways To Stay Youthful

Remember when we were kids and we can’t wait to grow older so that we have the freedom to do a lot more things? Well, now that we’re there, how we wish we can turn back the hands of time and stay young and youthful.

Our responsibilities at home and at work have somehow taken their toll on us and made us… old. Or at least appear older than we really are. After all, overseeing heavy-haul trucking companies or working the graveyard shift at a hospital can be quite taxing.

We’re always on the lookout for things that will make us look and feel young once again. We constantly search for the Fountain of Youth not just for vanity but to feel the energy and excitement that only youth can provide.

While the Fountain of Youth still remains elusive to this day, you can check out some practical and effective yet inexpensive ways to preserve your youth — or recover it, depends on where you are in life.

1. Get lots of sleep

One of the effects of sleep deprivation is appearing older than you really are. Science has plenty of research to back it up. If you want to stay healthy and age well, get at least 7 to 8 hours worth of shut-eye.

2. Smile!

Constantly frowning leads to wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Turn that frown upside down and lessen the risks of getting visible signs of aging on your beautiful face.

3. Drink plenty of water

Doctors and medical experts know what they’re saying when they tell you to drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses a day). Water isn’t just good for hydration (which helps prevent chronic diseases) but it also aids in retaining your skin’s elasticity and moisture.

4. Cut down on junk food

We all know that junk food offers no nutritional benefits to our bodies. In fact, it is partly responsible for causing certain illnesses. Staying away from junk food, sweets, soda, fast food, and processed food keeps you healthier and less at risk from sicknesses caused by an unhealthy diet.

5. Unplug

Technology is one of modern life’s greatest blessings. However, it is found that cell phone usage poses certain dangers to your health. Powering down allows you to avoid the stress and anxiety brought by spending too much time online and on your phone.

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6. Meditation and reflection

Meditation is not really a new thing. It has been around for centuries already. Many people practice it because of its obvious physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual benefits. Give it a try and see if you don’t start to experience more peace and calmness.

7. Hanging out with friends

Surrounding yourself with people you get along with boosts your mood. Not only does socializing produce happy hormones, but it also lowers your body’s IL6 levels, which contribute to arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and some cancers. See your friends, hang out, have fun, and laugh a lot.

8. Having “me” time

Setting aside time for yourself allows you to recharge and recover from whatever stressors you encounter. Whether you choose to go on a weekend trip or spend a few hours regularly left to yourself, some alone time is good for your health.

9. Good posture

Slouching can affect how you old appear (and feel). Correct your posture and avoid slouching as much as you can. You’ll notice that as you improve your posture, you start to feel differently in a good way.

10. Keep moving

It’s no secret that exercise keeps you strong and energetic. Get into the habit of taking care of your physical body. You don’t need to go overboard with your workouts as if you’re competing in a bodybuilding contest. You just need to ensure that your body gets enough physical activity to keep you healthy and strong.

11. Spending time outdoors

You might be surprised to find out that spending time outside your house under the sun is good not just for your health but also for keeping you feeling young. You experience less depression, relieve stress, and get an improved sense of well-being.

12. Practicing gratitude

One of the harsh realities in life is that the older you get, the more likely you’ll be a chronic complainer. Overcome this tendency by practicing gratitude every time. While there are many things you can complain about, there are more things that you can be thankful for. It’s just a matter of learning how to see things from a different perspective.

We’re pretty confident that if you start practicing the habits we listed above, you will start feeling younger and filled with youthful vim and vigor. Here’s to staying young!

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