For Individuals Who Are Suffering From Misaligned Teeth

Within the modern world of dentistry there are ever improving advancements in all aspects of oral health care. Huge strides have been made in the application of computers to help administer treatments, in addition to using dental materials which are continuously being refined and upgraded The field of orthodontics in Weybridge is no exception, and is incorporating these changes to the benefit of patients.

There’s more to orthodontic dentistry than traditional metal braces

Traditionally, conventional metal braces have been used to amend the most severe cases of dental misalignment, as well as the front protrusion of teeth (also commonly referred to as an ‘overbite’) and irregular spacing of teeth within the mouth.

Many patients may be looking for a more discreet orthodontic alternative

Despite conventional metal braces being undeniably effective when it comes to addressing some of the most severe dental presentations, many patients may feel as if obvious dental work is simply not appropriate for both their social, and work commitments. Many individuals may be unaware of the many alternative orthodontic options that are now becoming widely available within the field of modern dentistry, one example of which are clear aligners!

What are clear aligners?


Clear aligners are just one example of the many modern alternatives to conventional metal braces that are now becoming widely available within the modern field of orthodontic dentistry. The clear plastic used to make these aligners makes them practically invisible as well as comfortable.

Did you know?

Many patients mistakenly think ‘Invisalign’ is the generic name for these clear aligner trays, however Invisalign is actually an extremely popular brand provider of this particular form of orthodontic treatment, which has provided patients with over four million happy smiles on a worldwide scale!

Are there other discreet orthodontic options for my smile?

Yes! Despite Invisalign being the first thought for many patients who are looking at discreet orthodontic alternatives, there are a multitude of other options, one example of which being ‘Incognito’ braces.

How do Incognito braces work to produce effective dental results?

Incognito braces are considered as an efficacious solution to misaligned teeth, they are perfect for patients who are looking for a more subtle, convenient and comfortable orthodontic treatment option which contrives to straighten teeth both effectively, and discreetly.

Are Incognito braces right for your smile?

Incognito braces are deemed within the field of orthodontics as the ‘new generation of braces for patients of all ages’, this appliance is placed behind the surface of the teeth, which works to ensure that no one will ever know the patient is wearing an orthodontic appliance!

Did you know?

The Incognito appliance system was the first fully personalised lingual bracket system which was used to correct misaligned teeth within the mouth! Incognito uses a custom designed appliance which not only features custom-made arch wires, however it also consists of brackets and bonding trays which are designed to deliver targeted results for a patient’s smile. This therefore produces beautifully straight teeth at the end of the treatment journey, to ensure patients are satisfied with their results, every time.

How to take care of your post-treatment smile

So you’ve achieved a beautifully straight smile. Now what? Many patients may believe that their treatment journey is complete when they dispose of their braces, however they may have to wear retainers for a substantial period of time in order to maintain their orthodontic results.

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