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Factors to Consider When Using Foam Adhesives

Foam adhesives are an excellent bonding agent for your heavy-duty products. They are strong enough to stick foam panels, sub-floors, drywall, concrete, lumber, and other construction materials. They bond excellently to provide a long-lasting effect. In some cases, they can also be used as sealants. Like any other chemical-based product, using foam adhesives requires tact and should follow the manufacturer’s set guidelines. Even with products that are odorless and environmentally friendly, it is essential to know how to use the adhesives in the right way. Below are some guidelines on ensuring your safety and that of people surrounding you.

Read the User Guidelines

In most cases, the adhesives come in spray form. Before embarking on any projects using them, check the instructions on the can for important precautions and tips on getting the best results. Always keep the adhesives upright and store them in a dry place. Do not expose them to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

contractor wearing protective gear applying adhesive foamMost foam adhesives come with a safety equipment kit for your personal protection. The kit usually contains a pair of gloves, a respirator, and goggles. Some will also include a full-body suit. The equipment is meant to protect you from any fumes, contacting the adhesive, and getting it into the eyes. These are all possible hazards that come with severe repercussions. Safeguard your well-being and health by using protective clothing.

Use Foam Adhesives in the Right Conditions

Like indicated earlier on, it is necessary to use the product as directed by the manufacturer and in the right conditions. Handle it with caution while it is still in the can and when dispensing it.

Only use the adhesive in well-aerated areas as it produces strong vapors and fumes. It is not only important to protect yourself from them; know what to do when you experience their effect. For example, keep the exit accessible as it is essential in case you experience respiratory problems or become dizzy.

The foam is highly flammable, and you shouldn’t use it near flames. In case the place you want to use it in is not adequately ventilated, consider using mechanical ventilation. Instead of relying on the natural airflow, use artificial means such as ducts and fans to circulate fresh air.

Follow the Right Application Procedure

Some foam adhesives may come with a glue gun for ease of control and use. Others may offer different dispensing tools. Whichever the case, fix the container to the dispenser and follow the instructions as indicated by the manufacturer. How well your project holds up depends on your expertise in the application process. Some adhesives come with an option to clean up if you get the application process wrong. This is only possible if you undo it before it cures.

When using adhesive products, their effectiveness depends on how you conduct the application process. Getting it right will save you on costs that you would otherwise incur from shoddy work. Above all, it safeguards both your immediate and future health. In case you encounter any issues during the use of foam adhesives, contact your supplier or the manufacturer.

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