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Don’t Miss These Destinations while in Peru

Peru is a destination that deserves more attention because of its rich history and cultural heritage. You’ll find ancient ruins, beautiful towns and cities that emerge indigenous and Western influences, museums and distinct traditions.

Other than these, the country also has stunning national parks, an awe-inspiring countryside and friendly locals. If you’re planning a trip to this South American country, don’t miss these destinations and activities.

Explore Cusco

This UNESCO-listed town is an open-air museum that displays the ebb and flow of history. The old colonial structures you see now used Inca ruins as part of their foundation. Go to the city’s main square to see stunning buildings, namely the La Compania and the Cathedral.

As you wander and weave in and out of the narrow alleys and main attractions, you’ll feel the convergence of old and new. Grab a bite and drink at one of the cafes before starting your adventure around town again.

Machu Picchu

Whenever someone mentions Peru, the first thing that comes to mind is the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. These centuries-old structures display the ingenuity and way of life of the Incas. Perched in the mountains, it will inspire and wonder from anyone who sees it.

Visitors have the option to go on one of the many tour or travel packages to Machu Picchu. This provides comfort and convenience for those who don’t have time to plan on their own. Alternatively, you can go on the Inca Trail to see the stunning countryside and soak in the local culture en route, or you can take the train departing from Cusco, Aguas Calientes and Urubamba.

Explore the Sacred Valley

Hikers with backpacks relaxing on top of a mountain and enjoying valley view

The Sacred Valley is a possible next destination coming from Cusco. You’ll find Inca ruins, stunning vistas and local markets when you visit. Spend a couple of days soaking in the culture and fresh air of the Peruvian countryside. Explore the Pisac Ruins and imagine what life was like centuries ago.

Haggle for items at Pisac’s Sunday Market to bring home or spend a few hours in the quaint and idyllic town of Ollantaytambo.

Visit Ayacucho

This colonial city has a charming old-world aura and is also the craft capital of Peru. When you weave in and out of the shops, you’ll find decorations, retablos and other intricately crafted products you can take home. After shopping, get lost in the square and admire the buildings or go on a day trip to nearby parks and ruins.

Get Lost in Lima

The capital of Peru provides an eclectic mix of culture and history, and old and new. The bustling city has everything a city needs with a dash of Peruvian personality. See the historic part of town to admire the architecture and learn about the city’s storied past.

Hang out in the many bars, cafes and restaurants to kick start the day or end it on a high note. Visit the museums, buy souvenirs and soak in the local culture.

These are only some of the things to do and places to visit during your trip around Peru. The country has plenty to offer visitors whether you explore it on your own or go on a packaged tour.

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