lip augmentation surgery

Are you looking to pucker up? Find out more about lip augmentation!

If you are looking for lip fillers in Harley Street, then you may be starting on a journey of research and discovery. While there can be some negative press about people who have cosmetic treatments such as this, the fact is that lip fillers can be safe and effective with an injectable dermal filler that contains substances that are manufactured to mimic hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced by the body to give elasticity and a plump look to the skin – exactly what you want for a lip treatment.

What you need to know?

There are numerous lip fillers on the market, but most of them aim to use an artificial hyaluronic acid that is often referred to as ‘hyaluronic acid fillers’. Collagen used to be used in fillers, however, it is not the favoured treatment these days, so when considering where to go for lip fillers in Harley Street, check out those offering those that use the hyaluronic acid fillers.

Fillers are not a permanent solution and usually last up to six months. They can be used to target the shape of your lips or to add volume to them – perfect for a pout – and this can also add structure to your smile.

What are the advantages of choosing lip fillers?

If you opt for hyaluronic acid fillers, there are a number of benefits to choosing them. By opting for this type of fillers, you should have less bruising than with other types of fillers; you may also experience less swelling. The injections may be given gradually over a period of time to get the desired results. You should also find that any lumps dissolve easily, leaving you with a natural looking and healthy mouth. A further benefit of this type of fillers is that as the hyaluronic acid fillers are made with substances that are similar to those found in the human body and are not made from animals, you shouldn’t experience an allergic reaction to the ingredients in them.

lip augmentation surgery

After you have had your injections, you should not require any downtime which means that you should be able to have your treatment during your lunch hour. You should be offered local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort from having the fillers injected. The needles used are extremely delicate and so it is unlikely that you should experience any discomfort with these measures in place.

What should you do to get them?

If you are interested in finding out more about lip fillers, it is best to contact a practice that offers them. Many dental practices now offer cosmetic treatments, including fillers, and it can be seen as more savvy to visit them for fillers. While it may sound odd that a dental practice offers this type of treatment, it should be remembered that dentists are used to carrying out delicate work and they are also experts in facial anatomy. They will be best placed to assess your suitability for treatment and to advise you about any possible side effects.

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