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3 Modernistic Styling Tricks to Make your Living Room Looking Chic

The modernistic interior design has become both controversial and sought after the last couple of years. Many of the innovative ideas went against the standards, taking a nice spin to the conventional. But it has since gained respect, even among the old-fashioned gurus of style. These modernistic approaches are now being considered a fascinating art.

If you want to apply modernism in your living room area, this is the right page to be. We will give you an insight into how to mix creativity and elegant forms to come up with a unique and personalised living space.

Zero in on the coffee table

Living room with coffee table

One classic approach to modernise your interiors is to put your focus on one particular element and then, let the others follow the lead. It would be wise to put your pennies on a top-quality coffee table that’s Singapore-made, add a few elegant features, and use it as the focal point of your living room design as it takes up a prominent space, anyway. Since modernistic design is also about minimalism, you might only need to pick a book or two, a crisp glass or metal vase, or nothing at all to add to your coffee table. If it already has a craftsy character, it can stand alone and still look special.

Using the look and feel of your coffee table as your basis, you can start picking the rest of the items you must stuff into your living room to keep it as functional as it is stylish. The use of dynamic patterns, out of the ordinary colour combinations, and mostly neat lines for your design elements are the best way to go. An elegant coffee table design in a very appealing shape would call for equally elegant seating options that match its energy.

Go for sleek lines

Slick is the new chic. If you want to achieve this kind of décor approach, you must forget about playing by the colour wheel. Instead, go for the whites and greys and blacks or the warm browns. You may also dress up your walls, either in matte finishes or faux blocks, which give it some sort of a statement.

Light up to warm up

Your choice of lighting fixtures to install in the living room area has so much to do with its appeal. For the modernist, warm lights that are welcoming are indispensable. Light may also be used to highlight a point or a feature. You may add up a light in your TV wall to stress enough how it works to be the central place in the area for the brood and their guests who come over.

There are a couple of things to remember when embracing the modernistic interior design. One of the most important is to choose home items that you can integrate without a problem. There are no hard and fast rules on what kind of accessories or displays or furniture pieces to bring into your living room area. But you have to ensure, at the very least, that they create a unified scheme that will keep your home looking neat and balanced.

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