3 Activities the Family Can Do Around the Fireplace

A fireplace adds a whole aesthetic value to the house. It immediately becomes the center of the room. It also sets the mood as it fills the room with warmth in this cold holiday weather.

It’s more than just another needed installment in the house because the fireplace can be an area for family bonding as well. Maybe you can spend a Sunday evening playing scrabble on the carpet. You could stay in during the holidays and gather nephews and nieces for some scary stories.

Here are activities you can do by the fireplace:

1. Game night

Does competitiveness run in the blood? This is the ultimate test. Bring out Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary, and a bowl full of words for charades.

A game night will put the family’s teamwork to the test. It also enhances communication between family members. It teaches children to follow the rules and avoid cheating. It also allows parents to loosen their control a bit.

Despite the competition, a game night paves the way for family members to understand each other deeply, helping them get along with each other.

To add extra fun, raise the stakes. The losing team does the dishes for a week. Or the winning team is chore-free for the next week.


2. Storytelling

Family reunions usually take place during the holidays. Toddlers running around. Teenagers showing some stuff on their phones. Adults talking about their new jobs. Tipsy uncles and wine-drunk aunts. Grandparents spoiling all the kids.

What makes it interesting are the new things you learn about your family—and sometimes even their parents’ shenanigans when they were younger. So gather everyone around the fireplace and start sharing stories.

If the kids prefer some ghost stories, that could work, too! Maybe you can tell them about urban legends or doors opening by themselves in your old house. Everyone’s going to love them anyway.

3. Catch up with each other

Maybe the family’s been busy lately. Everyone’s caught up with school or work that when you all reach home, there’s only enough energy for dinner and winding down in bed.

The end of the year does require a lot of work, and that’s fine. Just don’t forget to keep a little balance. Giving the family a little time this week may just be the best stress-reliever.

A good conversation connects people satiating their need for love and belongingness. It also enhances the family’s ability to listen, other than just talk.

You might be surprised about how crazy everyone’s life is. Maybe the kids made new friends, or someone’s got a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe something funny happened at the office. Maybe even talk about the latest movie or TV show you’ve watched.

Being surrounded by people you love is a privilege. This is why a fireplace doesn’t only warm the house; it warms the heart as well. The company you keep around the house will make these simple activities worthwhile. You’ll discover a lot of things about each other and, most of all, strengthen your connection.

If this isn’t enough to get you running to a fireplace store in Salt Lake City, we don’t know what will.

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