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Your Guide to Finding Worthy Restaurants in Singapore

Although no one will read every restaurant review on the internet, rarely do people go out to eat without doing a little research. It’s a sign of the times. Social proof is important for diners to determine if a restaurant is worth their time and money. This is true in your local neighbourhood, and it is also true when you travel.

When you are travelling, you know very little about the restaurants surrounding you. For example, restaurants in Singapore might all look like viable lunch options, but they could be hiding bad service and other problems. Let these reminders help you find worthy restaurants while on holiday:

1. Look for honest reviews

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Competition is high for restaurant businesses, especially in tourist-heavy areas. They all want to get diners coming through the doors, and that does not depend on just chance. Restaurants put their brand name out there through ads and flyers so that potential clients will know what they are offering.

As the business continues operating, customers take it upon themselves to write reviews about their experience. These reviews might be positive or negative on a case-by-case basis. However, not all food businesses earn a restaurant review the honest way.

Some of them fake it by setting up multiple accounts or asking friends or family to leave biased reviews. While this does not automatically show that they are not good restaurants, their practices are deceptive, and you will not get an honest idea of what to expect.

2. Check how owners react to reviews

Anyone could leave a restaurant review, which makes it easy for customers to complain if they had a bad experience. Someone who is grateful for the wonderful service could also leave a comment just as easily. It says a lot about the restaurant operation and standards, but it’s not everything.

You should also look at how the restaurant engages with reviewers as this says a lot about how their customer service. Both good and bad reviews should ideally get replies. It’s a sign that the restaurant cares about their customers and their experience dining in the restaurant.

Note how the replies are worded, as well. They should be respectful, even if they have just received a scathing review. Rather than engaging in a word fight with a customer, they should offer ways to improve their services in the future.

3. Consult different review sites

You will be spending money on food and experience. You do not want your money to go to waste. The experience should be satisfying overall.

Sadly, you cannot find a good restaurant by reading one review. It might have been a paid review, which should be mentioned upfront, or it might be from someone with a vendetta.

You want to get varying opinions as no establishment is perfect. Although they are not perfect, the way they make up for a small misunderstanding or mistake sets them apart from other businesses in the area.

While some people are spontaneous and don’t mind walking into a restaurant without knowing anything about it, it would still be best to know what to expect. You want only the best experience and food on your table, so go ahead and check those reviews and get value for your money.

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