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Why You Are Always Tired and What You Could Do About It

It’s not your fault if you could not compete with those go-getters who seem to have a mug of coffee in their hands from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. You just don’t have the energy even if you finish off two pots of coffee.

We don’t have the same energy levels, nor do we have the same constitution. Some of us have frail muscles, for example, that even with training and exercise, we couldn’t compete with those who have a genetically strong build. Similarly, some of us don’t have the fortitude to do mental work for an entire day, way into the night. Just like we have different talents, our bodies have different capacities.

However, if you feel that you are constantly tired, more than your ordinary tiredness, you might want to check the reasons so that you could appropriately address them. We have here some possible reasons why you feel tired all of the time.

You don’t get enough sleep.

Some people say you could get by with just four hours of sleep at night. But these people don’t have the same constitution as you. Even researchers recommend at least seven hours of sleep to allow your body to rest and recover from the damages of the day. Healthwise, it’s better to follow the studies rather than the workaholics who probably time even their toilet breaks.

Additionally, it’s not just a matter of how long you were able to sleep. It’s also about quality. There are four stages of sleep. You need to reach stage three of the non-REM sleep to feel relaxed when you wake up. It’s when your heartbeat and breathing are slow enough, your muscles relaxed to refresh your body. If you have woken up still tired, you might not have reached this deep sleep stage.

Overworking or staying up late because of some addictive hobby could only be remedied by disciplining yourself to turn off the lights and getting into bed when you should. However, insomnia is another thing. It could be that chronic stress in your work has gotten into you, and it’s difficult for you to sleep, and you just end up tossing and turning in bed. Remedy this with a relaxation routine. Get a massage or even get a professional physical therapist. Let an expert relieve the back pains you surely got from sitting at your office desk the whole day. Learn to do meditation so that you could clear your brain of any concern. Control the temperature of your room to make it comfortable. Use clean sheets and a comfortable mattress to make your bed more conducive to relaxation.

You might have anemia.

Fatigue and weakness are among the symptoms of anemia, which is caused by a decreased number of red blood cells. If you think you have this disease, consult a doctor to get appropriate medication. Severe anemia, if not given the right attention, could be fatal. But don’t worry. Your tiredness doesn’t have to be because of anemia. The sickness has other symptoms such as shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat.

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Your nutrition is not suited to your body’s needs.

Unless you have consulted a dietitian, it is difficult to say that whatever healthy regimen you found online or your friends recommended to you will also have the same effect on you.

Although many people might testify that a diet or nutrition plan is good for them, your dietary requirements might be different from theirs. Just like a bodybuilder needs more protein than someone who’s not, people doing a lot of mental work in the day couldn’t also just subsist on leaves and water.

If you decide to become a vegetarian or do the paleo diet, or whatever is trending, make sure you check it with a nutritionist. A professional would know what is suitable for your activities throughout the day. You still need to get the right amount of nutrients whatever lifestyle you want to lead.

You’re on the verge of depression.

The symptoms are not the same for every person. But lethargy is one of the most common feelings of people who are depressed. They feel too tired to do anything because for them it’s useless or it doesn’t make sense to their situation. But if you are still aware and alarmed of your situation, it means you have not yet succumbed to this state. Have a talk with a counselor as soon as possible. Incorporate wellness activities like jogging, listening to music, meditating, or yoga into your routine.

In a generation of workaholics, the feeling of tiredness is almost like a sin. Don’t feel guilty that you can’t keep pace with your other contemporaries. You’re just meant to do something else. Maybe not the same as what they do, but equally great.

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