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What’s a Wedding Without Good Catering?

Weddings can be many things, but it certainly cannot be one where guests starve. Though the ceremony itself may only last an hour, the reception is where the real celebration happens. It’s also in the reception that guests do toasts, dance, and make merry. Of course, they also eat — a lot.

Food served on weddings make a big impression. The couple may have spent hours mastering the menu for their big day, and they’ve had a taste from the samples provided by catering companies in Salt Lake City, Utah, but nothing is set in stone. The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating.

Presentation Matters

Brides and grooms, listen. You are paying for more than the food. Your wedding ceremony is all about the presentation, from the beautifully dressed tables to the entourage’s outfits. You would not want the food served to be a letdown.

Next to the exchanging of vows, guests look forward to what they will eat. Before they get to chow down their favorite wedding fares, they will feast with their eyes. The wedding cake is a decorative feature on its own, but even appetizers and vegetables should add to the overall look. Even napkins need to be folded to perfection.

Drinks Aplenty

It’s not just the food that needs to be given much thought. The drinks accompanying them should complement each course and, at the same time, remind guests of the event. Couples can have drinks customized to fit their theme. The couple can even have the drinks named after them. This can be part of the services your caterer provides for your wedding, but for those who are getting an open bar for the reception, it might be part of the venue.

It doesn’t matter who handles the drinks, as long as they are handled, and that you get a taste of the customized drinks before the big day. Your food may taste perfect, but if the drinks cannot hold their own, they will bring down everyone’s mood.

Desserts, Not Necessarily Sweets

When talking about desserts for weddings, you probably think of cake immediately. Then, you think of an assortment of sweet treats to make the reception more festive. You don’t have to limit yourself to just sweets, however. For those who are not fond of sweets, desserts can be savory or a little on the bitter side. Take cues from Italian dessert menus to come up with dessert ideas that will cater to those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

Bonus: For Vegan Guests

waiter carrying food at a receptionThe bride is under a lot of stress because of wedding preparations. Double-checking the food and that everyone RSVP-ed should not take all your time. However, it’s important that you consider your guests’ dietary intake when planning the food.

For instance, include a portion on the RSVP card where they can say whether they are vegan or have allergies or dietary restrictions. These will help everyone enjoy the event. Recently, a bride has been slammed for saying her vegan guests can bring their own food to her wedding. Remember that you are inviting them to your wedding. A gracious host wouldn’t invite guests knowing they can’t eat anything being served.

Your wedding is one celebration worth remembering, and it should be remembered for all the good things.

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