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Ways to Have a Memorable Birthday Party

Kids love birthdays, especially their own. It might seem tempting just to get some food and cake, but why not make this special day for your kid a little more memorable?

Get a Theme

Go with some sort of theme and get a custom-made cake that fits it. No matter what food you get or how great the chef, kids will only remember the cake, so make sure you get a good one. You can make it yourself, but it might take too much of your time or you might not have the skills to impress the kids. Try a custom cake shop or even an online store. Choose a design that your kid loves. If he loves spiders, ask for a spider cake. Don’t worry if the cake comes out scary — kids love realism, and getting a little scared will only heighten their excitement. Make sure the cake is either chocolate or vanilla. Don’t bother with fancy flavours as kids generally like what’s familiar to them. Now that you have your cake, add a few decorations, costumes, or accessories. Party hats, capes, bracelets — whatever works for the theme you have in mind.

Add a Bit of Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a clown or a magician; just have one of your older nieces read a short and funny storybook for the kids. It works a lot better if you get someone with a bit of presence or some amateur acting skills, so ask around for someone who can do the work. You can also mix in a few kids’ games as long as everybody wins. If the game eliminates one kid a time or a group of them, make sure they get a prize each. The last remaining kid gets double the rewards. Of course, you have to make sure the games you choose won’t involve too much tussling that might result in untoward accidents. Matching games or treasure hunts work well, but you might need to do a little more preparation.

Give Your Kid’s Guests Something to Take Home


Your kid might be getting a few gifts, but his/her friends will be happy if they can bring a little something home, too. It can be something as simple as a keychain, a bag pin, a cool magnet, or a rubber stamp that matches the theme of the party. This little extra makes the other kids feel a little more important, even if it wasn’t their celebration. You can ask your kid about the giveaways and leave it up to him/her to decide. You can give each of the kids the parting gifts as they leave or your kid can do it if he/she wants to. This little trinket can also deepen the bond your kid has with his/her friends, as they’ll have something to remember that awesome party.

A birthday party is a lot of work, but they only come once a year, so you better make it count. Get the best cake ever, keep the kids entertained and give them a little something to remember the party.

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