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Steps to Undertake When You Have Hot Water Problems

Imagine waking up and rushing to the shower, and you suddenly notice that the shower cannot deliver hot water. The next turn of events will be full of confusion. You risk getting late for work and messing the consecutive daily activities. As inconveniencing this can be, you should not have to go through it. Slight inspection of your water heater can solve the problem immediately and get your day started in the right tone. Even after solving that problem, you need to contact a plumber in Park City, Utah for system inspection and to avoid such an occurrence from happening again. But before that, here are some steps you should take when you have problems with your water heaters:

For Electric Water Heaters:

The steps you can undertake to restore the functionality of electric water heaters include:

  • Quick Reset – A reset of an electronic device involves switching off the device for some time and turning it back on. Once you switch the heater on, you should wait for about half an hour before checking the availability of hot water. Your heater could only need a reset to restore functionality.
  • Hard Reset – Unlike a quick reset that involves switching off the electronic device, a hard reset involves switching off the circuit breaker in a home. The circuit breaker powers the electronic devices in your home which include the water heater. If hard resetting the circuit breaker does not solve the problem, you could be having issues with the circuit breaker.
  • Replacing the Heater – Electric heaters have a lifespan indicated in their packaging material from the manufacturer. Once the heater reaches its lifespan, its functionality reduces drastically and could be the cause of a faulty heater. Replacing an old heater with a modern one will ensure that you enjoy hot water throughout.

For Gas Water Heaters:

Plumber repairing the gas water heaterThe measures you can undertake for gas heaters include:

  • Lighting the Heater Up – Gas heaters have a pilot light which tends to get blown away sometimes. The heater should have instructions on relighting a pilot light. If you have a problem with relighting the pilot, seek the help of a plumber.
  • The Thermocouple – If a pilot light of the heater is in place and you cannot access hot water, there could be a problem with the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety device which halts gas flow in the absence of a pilot light. Readjusting the thermocouple or getting a replacement part will solve the problem.
  • Gas Line Inspection – Gas heaters depend on gas for heating the water in your tank. If you are sure you have a gas supply, you would need to inspect the entire gas line for any leaks or tangling of the line. You may need to contact your gas supply company for consultations.

The inconvenience of lacking hot water in your shower can ruin your day, but it does not have to be that way. Regular inspection and maintenance of your water heater by a plumber will eliminate the possibility of such inconveniences. Understanding what you need to do with your water heaters will restore the availability of water in your home before the plumber arrives.

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