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Stay Healthy and Make Love

The global health crisis might have been keeping us from dining out frequently, but it shouldn’t keep us from achieving the Big O. Have you reached the peak with your partner recently?

We have been stuck at home for almost a year now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you live with your partner, lucky you! Instead of indulging in boredom and a sedentary lifestyle, you should maximize this time together by exploring your intimacy and lovemaking. Now, don’t blush. Making love might be better than we think.

There are excellent health benefits to making love, and we won’t be selfish about them. We have listed them down below. So how can you spice things up in the bedroom given the current situation?

Pre-game Prep

Part of the pre-game prep is foreplay, and it is an important aspect of lovemaking for many individuals. Before you dive into the essentials and whatnot of foreplay, though, there might be some concerns that you need to address.

Before heading to the bedroom, assess your condition. There is no shame in admitting your situation if you experience erectile dysfunction. Keeping it a secret can even be more embarrassing if you end up postponing a heated make-out session with your partner because of your issue. To address this, you might want to consider going to a safe gainswave treatment clinic that can solve your dysfunction.

After assessing your health condition, you can now pour all your focus into planning the ideal foreplay for you and your partner. What are some fresh foreplay ideas you can play around with?

Two Can Play that Game

Contrary to what you may think, foreplay usually happens outside the bedroom. So don’t go straight to the mattress when both of you are still dry as a desert. Start it off slow and sweet with these ideas.

Talking dirty with your partner might not seem comfortable for some couples, but it is an effective way of engaging in foreplay—no need to go over-the-top. You can describe what you want your partner to do and take it from there.

Spread your foreplay activities throughout the day. It can be in the form of flirty text messages or stolen kisses. Whatever it is, it will indeed create enough tension and buildup for the night ahead.

If you are into roleplaying, you can try acting as if you are strangers once again. This can bring back the butterflies of your first date. Watch the thrill of engaging with your partner as you explore a different side of your relationship.

There are many ways to engage in foreplay. Despite the pandemic situation, you need to get more creative with your foreplay ideas to get things going. Spice things up by assigning a new idea for each day of the week. It will be a busy quarantine for both of you.

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Health Benefits of Intimacy

Apart from the excitement of this recreational activity, making love is not strictly for entertainment and procreation purposes only. When you thought it couldn’t get any better, making love turns out to have some health benefits.

Being active helps ward off diseases. While it might not defend you from the COVID-19 virus, it can help keep you from germs and milder viruses. Although this might be true, you and your partner should still maintain a good diet and regular exercise.

If you have been concerned with your libido, intimacy can help boost this aspect of your health. It might be a chicken and egg story, but it is said that, for women, engaging in intimacy enhances genital lubrication and even blood flow.

Attention hypertensive individuals! While engaging in intimacy might not cure your hypertension, it lowers blood pressure for individuals. It also reduces your risk of experiencing a heart attack.

Experiencing a climax can block pain. Intimacy releases a hormone that raises your pain threshold. A unique aspirin, anyone?

Given that we are collectively experiencing a stressful situation, lovemaking has come to deliver good news for you. Being intimate with your partner can be an effective way to ease stress. Physical touch releases a feel-good hormone that amplifies the brain’s pleasure and reward system.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that intimacy is more than just lust? During this pandemic, maximize your time together and explore different sides of your intimate life. You can discover new things about your partner that you might otherwise not be able to learn if not for this opportunity.

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