Simple Workout Activities That Don’t Feel Like Strenuous Workouts

Everyone wants to stay in shape, but not everyone has the time, energy, and focus to do exercises and get ripped. Don’t get us wrong. All body shapes are beautiful and deserve to be taken care of, but the scientific truth is being in shape does not always mean having Zac Efron’s abs and JLo’s biceps. It simply means being healthy and fit.

Achieving a healthy and fit body should be easy, but the real challenge is knowing what works for you and managing to be consistent. There is also the question of whether or not you already have an active lifestyle. For example, you are someone who likes traveling out of the country, staying in affordable hostels, and backpacking across foreign mountains. Surely, your cardiovascular would be healthier than most people. However, if you are one of those most people that do not even like walking to the grocery, this article is for you.

After the pandemic changed the way we do things, it is easy to use it as an excuse for everything. You may even be telling yourself that you will start jogging again next year or when the pandemic is finally over. What you should know is that you can do something now. There are activities you can do that will already serve as minimal workouts.

Walking Your Pets

Some things do not matter to us when that is for our pets. The amount of money you spend on their food, vitamins, and grooming is no joke, and it can even be causing you to work two jobs. But it does not matter, right? You don’t mind the expenses.

The same way goes when walking your pets. You do not need to be pushed when your doggo boops you with his leash; you simply decide to get up from the couch to walk him. However, it is easy to find excuses to stay in bed when it is your own schedule to jog. So, the solution is easy. Take advantage of the time when you are walking your dog to also run around the park, even when your dog is the lazy type that simply wants to frolic around. You can use this time for both you and your dog to be active and trim.

Additionally, you are building a stronger hooman-doggo bond with him. It is both quality time and workout time. You would not even feel the strain because your dog will be there with you throughout the activity.

walking the dog

Taking Your Bike to Run Errands

If you are not a fan of walking to the grocery store, you can take your bike instead. Even if you have an old bike, you can take it out and have it repaired and tuned up. Installing a back rack and a front basket will also be a must if you will use your bike for errands alone. Biking to the store is better than nothing, right?

Biking is considered a human reflex next to walking and running. If you have been taught how to ride one when you were younger, you’ll be surprised that you still know how now. The skill never really goes away, but you will have to practice your balance again. Once you do, you are ready to ride your way to buy fresh produce.

When you are biking, you are using your whole body strength. Although you are using your thighs and grip more, you are also exercising your core strength and arms. You might even be interested to know that biking exercises your gluteus, also known as your butt.

Furthermore, you are helping in conserving nature by choosing not to drive or commute. You will also be practicing social distancing when you are biking instead of walking. Just think about it.

Morning Stretches

Doing stretches is perhaps the most underrated workout routine. Regular people think that only athletes have to do it to warm up. What most people do not know is that stretching improves your nerve health too.

Do you ever feel tired after sitting for hours working? That is because your body is strained in one position alone. Your neck, shoulders, and back start to hurt, and you feel the need to stretch to reverse the feeling. Stretching is not done to undo strain, but it prevents it.

Start your day by stretching. Move those joints and sockets! You do not even know yoga stretches, just bend down and reach your toes from time to time for twenty minutes. You’ll be surprised how your heavy-feeling mornings will change for the better.

Staying healthy and fit does not mean you need to go enroll in CrossFit, there are many ways that you can achieve it by being proactive with your daily routine. Remember, when you start feeling sluggish that is usually a sign that you need to get moving again.

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