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Point of No Return: Position Yourself to Move Forward

It’s easy to feel discontent, but it’s hard to figure out what to do to get out this feeling. Perhaps it’s best to start by not thinking everything in your life has been predetermined. You may have grown up from a place of need, or you may have been handed everything you ever wanted.

None of these matter if you don’t move forward to the direction you want.

Life is Not Linear

Many feel stuck in the path they started because they think moving forward means going straight ahead. However, life can branch out into different directions, and you are free to choose the path that is best suited for you. You don’t need to continue in the direction you started if it doesn’t feel right anymore.

You don’t even need to stay in one place. Moving forward can be as simple as asking for a promotion or as surprising as buying a Sprinter van and taking a road trip around Utah. There is no wrong answer. Your path is just as valid as someone else’s even if they follow a traditional route, and you don’t.

Life is Not Two-dimensional

You can read and write about adventures, but this is in no way equivalent to living them. All the books you’ve had as a companion will only take you so far. They have already reached the end of their stories; your life is still happening.

Go out there and make your own story, something that you will get to share with your children and grandchildren someday. It doesn’t matter how imperfect or unpolished it is, as long as you lived it and have learned from it. Living a two-dimensional life will always feel like you lack something.

You will always search for that feeling of being alive–and you can only get it when you put yourself in situations that will teach you new lessons and make you experience new things.

Life is Not Meant to be Lived in Your Comfort Zone

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You can wake up every day, cook your own food, work online, and go back to bed. This is possible in this time of convenience. However, when you’re in your comfort zone all the time, you don’t interact with other people who will add value to your life. You will learn the same things you already knew yesterday.

Tomorrow will be the same. Other people come into your life to share lessons and help you discover new aspects of yourself. They show you your kindness, strength and capacity to love. They also show you what it feels like to be hurt and how it feels to live each day without fear of missing out.

These are things you cannot understand by simply researching online. And these are lessons you cannot learn if you stay in your comfort zone.

If there’s a risk of being hurt and in danger, it cannot be helped if you want to stay indoors where you are safe and out of harm’s way. However, this also means you don’t realize your strengths. Go out there and live your life to the fullest.

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